Friday, August 27, 2010

Kramer Chronicles-Before and After

Hey, it's me, Kramer. I decided to take a little computer time while my mom cleans.
I must admit that I am a bit befumbled about all of this 'before & after' stuff my mom keeps posting about.
Let's face it, the real reason people come to visit is to see me.
So I decided to do my own 'before and after' post.

This is me before I wake from a nap...
and this is me after.

Me before the move...
here I am after.

My toy before I drag it around the house...

Me before I play...

Me before catnip...
and after.

Me before I eat...
Well, I think you get the idea.
I am much more interesting 'before and after' than any pictures of an old house!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Faith Cottage-Before & After Living Room

I really wanted this text above the first set of pictures but I am still trying to figure out this new blog format:).
Anyway, these are the before and after pictures of the Faith Cottage living room.
All we did was paint, add moldings, and change light fixtures.

Of course, achieving the right look is all in the details:).
This mantel used to be in the library at the other house.
Faith Cottage does not have the original mantels so we decided to add one:).
This door surround was actually over the spare bedroom bed in the old house. It works well around our master bedroom door at Faith Cottage (we painted the wall white between the original door molding and decorative door surround to make it look like one piece).
The chandelier used to hang in our dining room.
Here is another vignette in the living room with...
hmmm, what's that behind the clock?
I don't remember putting anything there.
As I suspected...
it's Kramer.
He thinks he's a better decorator.
Hey, it's me, Kramer.
Come back soon to see more Before and After pictures of Faith Cottage.
(I'm a better host too:).

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Wisdom

"Humility and the fear of the Lord
bring wealth and honor and life."
Proverbs 22: 4, NIV

Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome from the Victorian Parlor II and Kramer!

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
Welcome to my mom's new blog.
As you all know my mom is technologically impaired so all of the wonderful suggestions your left for her didn't work.
Of course, she's too cheap to pay for more picture space so she decided it was time for a fresh look and thus here we are.
She keeps cussing at the computer, something about a new format for blogger that doesn't let you load more than one picture at a time and then it magically erased her post.
I don't know why she is so upset. As long as my picture is on here what does it matter?
Here I am helping her with the new blog banner.
Of course, those dogs were of no help.
Kasey is no better!
Hmph, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
 Come back tomorrow for before and after pictures of
Faith Cottage.