Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kramer Chronicles-Everything is Sew-Sew

Hey, it's me Kramer.
I finally managed to get the computer logged on and post since my mom has been so lazy lately.
Let me show you what has distracted her
 (as if anything could distract a person from this handsome face).

This thing!
Yup, mom got a new sewing machine as a gift from dad for their 25th wedding anniversary.
Sew now all she does is sew.

Sewing projects are littering the house!
(my litter is the only litter that should be in the house).

All of this sewing neglect drove me to desperate measures, after all, I should receive all of her attention.
I tried feigning hunger,
even cuteness.
but to no avail.

Then I realized I needed to take action so I took her sewing kit hostage,

I attempted to chew the tape measure in half...
(now this is desperation-I'm acting like a stupid dog)!

and tangling all of her threads.

But still she sews.
Hmph, who am I kidding?
I'll just wait it out.

Surely she'll run out of fabric soon, right?
Until next post,
Purrs and Meows,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Wisdom

"But now that you have been set free from sin
and have become slaves to God,
the benefit you reap leads to holiness,
and the result is eternal life.
For the wages of sin is death,
but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."
Romans 6: 22-23, NIV

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Wisdom

"A prudent man keeps his knowledge to himself,
but the heart of fools blurts out folly."
Proverbs 12: 23, NIV

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kramer Chronicles-Chasing Lizzards

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
Pardon me for not turning around but...
I'm watching the lizzard outside the window.
When lizzard watching I must stay very still so as not to alert the lizzard to my presence.
 Here is my 'E.T.-stance-so-I-can-see-him-better' position.
On a more pathetic note...
this my stupid sister Lizzy.
She's a dog.
She likes to chase lizzards.
While Lizzy gets to chase lizzards I'm stuck watching from the window.
Look at that!
After she chases lizzards she sits in the dirt to cool off, unbelievable!
Oh my gosh did you see that?
She stuck her tongue out at me!
Ugh, she's covered in dirt!
She thinks she's so cute but I know better.
Look at that dirty dog butt!
What's this?
Dad has shown up with the hose!
You're in for a bath now dog!!!
There's no way to jump out of this one-heehee!
What's this?
She's actually trying to get the hose from dad!
While Lizzy battles for the hose Calvin is on the hunt for...
Oh yeah, he's tough.
OK, I just can't take it anymore!
I have no choice but to plan for a cat attack!
Nothing invokes fear like a cat stretching and sharpening his claws on the carpet.
Shhh...I hear them coming in now!
Time to put on my game face.
It works every time!
Look at them hiding under the covers!
Until next time.
Purrs and Meows,

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Wisdom

"Above all else guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life.
Put away perversity from your mouth;
keep corrupt talk far from your lips.
Let your eyes look straight ahead,
fix your gaze directly before you.
Make level paths for your feet
and take only ways that are firm.
Do not swerve to the right or the left;
keep your foot from evil."
Proverbs 4: 23-27, NIV