Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lavender, Lace, and Lizzards

The lovely fragrance of lavender scenting the air with its deep violet petals glowing in the spring sunlight...
but there is something lurking beneath...
But not to worry because Lizzy is on the hunt!
First she sniffs them out,
 then she watches for movement.
The lizzard seems to have scurried to the nearby potted plants so the sniffing begins again...
 followed by a quick side glance for movement.
There's something beneath the ivy!
Stay calm, watch for it,

and then...

or not.
 While Lizzie continues her lizzard hunt let's look at the lace part of the post:).
Last weekend was the Battle of Charleston.
We all wore our new dresses to the event:).
After some shopping it was time to join the other ladies for tea.
We enjoyed a fine day with friends.
As we left in our horseless carriage we noticed a bit of an anomoly for the era.
Somehow this excessively long carriage managed to get itself stuck on the dirt hump in the road.
(notice the hoop skirted ladies to the right-they were as astonished as we were:).
 This is a predicament.
In the meantime Lizzie is still hunting lizzards by the straw bale...
the old flower pot...
and the empty flower pot.
I think Lizzie spent too much time in the heat looking for lizzards!
Now she's just laying in the sun laughing!
I guess that's 'the end' of this post:).

Monday, March 19, 2012

Springing Forth with a Fresh Look!

It's time for a little freshening up with the decor around the house.
Let's start with Kramer:).
Hmmm...he doesn't seem amused with that idea so let's move on to the actual decor.
The bowl on the table hosts a bouquet of dried hydrangeas from our garden last year.
The base of the bowl used to have a beautiful crystal dish attached that met it's fate one day when Kramer did a flying leap onto the edge of the table sending it tumbling to the floor in a pile of crystal ruins. 
When we changed one of our light fixtures recently I thought this stained glass globe from the fixture we removed would be lovely as a dish so I attached it to the surviving base from the table tumble and, voila, a new footed bowl!
Thank goodness the crystals survived the table tumble.
What is spring without birds?
And what is a Victorian house without a mantel of cherubs and rose covered porcelains?
Even the bathroom got a new look!
Whether it's a cozy spot in the bedroom,
a quiet spot for correspondence to friends and family,
or a place for a lady to prepare for the day,
the beauty is in the details.
 A silver vase with feathers and antique combs make for a lovely bouquet of days gone by.
 Details of curves and angles.
Hatpins of varying heights with silk roses add a bit of softness.
Each of the hatpins is a miniature piece of art. 
Whether it's a graceful spray of roses and flying cherubs,
an heirloom silver brush resting on a delicate vintage doilie,
soft lace panels cascading over a window,
hidden treasures within a silver box,
shadowy designs reflecting from the rosey glow of a lamp,
or the profile of a favorite furry blog star,
the beauty is in the details.
Now that we've decorated, how about a cup of tea?
None of the decorating in this post cost a penny.
Everything was found within the house so the new look cost
Now that's priceless!