Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Faith Cottage-Before & After Living Room

I really wanted this text above the first set of pictures but I am still trying to figure out this new blog format:).
Anyway, these are the before and after pictures of the Faith Cottage living room.
All we did was paint, add moldings, and change light fixtures.

Of course, achieving the right look is all in the details:).
This mantel used to be in the library at the other house.
Faith Cottage does not have the original mantels so we decided to add one:).
This door surround was actually over the spare bedroom bed in the old house. It works well around our master bedroom door at Faith Cottage (we painted the wall white between the original door molding and decorative door surround to make it look like one piece).
The chandelier used to hang in our dining room.
Here is another vignette in the living room with...
hmmm, what's that behind the clock?
I don't remember putting anything there.
As I suspected...
it's Kramer.
He thinks he's a better decorator.
Hey, it's me, Kramer.
Come back soon to see more Before and After pictures of Faith Cottage.
(I'm a better host too:).


  1. Dear Kim,
    oooohhhh aaawwweeeee
    so lovely!
    What a sweet place you have created for your home.
    God bless and may you have a sweet life,

  2. Hi Kim, you've created a beautiful home that is so you. Looks like Kramer has settled in just fine!


    PS - I recently saw the June Allyson version of Little Women and thought of you. I could see you in costume!

  3. LOVE< LOVE <LOVE IT....So warm and inviting... Looks like you have lived and loved there for years ! STUNNING....

  4. Good Morning my Dear friend...Girl you and hubs have done an awesome job and making your dream come true..It's all just so beautiful and love the crown moulding and the color you painted the room WOW!! it's just so you my friend...the door surround is to die 4 the whole room is wonderful Kim...I seen some pics at your Mama's blog about a month ago and my old heart just skipped a beat girl..Can't wait to see it all girl...Hopw all is well in your world today and each day my friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. My! You did a lot of work and it looks fabulous! I'm still trying to finish painting that I started a week before I went back to school. Need some energy and cooler days! ♥♫

  6. What a lovely home you have. I bet it was so much fun arranging your things in your new place.

    Kramer is such a handsome fellow.

  7. WEEEEEEEEE! A new post!!!! I think I may have ran over someone on the way over here....couldn't get here quick enough!

    Love your new cottage!!!!! And the facing around the master bedroom door?!?! I think "she" fainted when "she" saw that. Earlier, "she" mentioned being tired but I don't think that's why "she's" on the floor....I mean being a feline of fine taste, I too find it beautiful! So much so that I would NEVER raise a single claw to it....that's how much I like it. So I am certain "she" swooned and then fell over in a faint moment.

    Purrsonally, I was swooning over the clock vignette in the living room! No, no sorry Kim, not the clock itself but the masterpiece behind the clock.....Kramer!!!! Buddy ole pal! You are looking most handsome in your new cottage!!!! Give me a call or drop me an email when you decide on the day for hosting your own purrsonal tour....I will be there!!

    Purrs and head bonkers to you both!


  8. Hi Kim...er Kramer! Beautiful photos! I love the fireplace! Regards from the staff! I hope you are having a great week!...hugs...Debbie

  9. The cottage is soooooo innviting and warm.... I can't quite figure if the walls are more of a bittersweet or burnt orange color or red...

  10. I love your before and after pics! Wow, you have done more in a few months than I've done in 16 years in our house! Everything has come together so nicely. It's great that you were able to repurpose a lot of your architectural pieces from the old place. I love the picture of Kramer looking like a little king on his throne! :-)