Friday, February 4, 2011

Artist Extraordinaire!

We have a favorite local artist, Mac Rogers, who has a gift for capturing the beauty of Beaufort on canvas.
He is currently the featured artist at our local art association.
The above painting is of 'Secession House' here in town.
The gentlemen pictured are the individuals who met at the house on December 20, 1860 just before they headed for Charleston to sign the secession papers.

The above painting is of the 'Planter' gunship on the morning it was commendeered by Robert Smalls during the civil war.
He escaped to Union territory with the ship and then joined the Union in the fight against the Confederacy.

This painting is the marsh overlooking the Beaufort skyline.

A blue heron on Polowana Island at sunrise.

Sunset at Lands End.
Needless to say Mac has a gift for capturing the beauty of the Lowcountry.
For more about Mac Rogers and his work visit


  1. such sweet comments from friends stopping by ... I love blogging and daily meetings with my blogging friends and all the beauty that surrounds them.....

  2. Love the paintings, makes me homesick to visit the south. I love you last post, your town looks so charming. I have to try and plan a trip. Thanks, Richard at

  3. Lovely paintings, I especially like the one of the Secession House. Since I have one of his paintings, I can really appreciate his work.

  4. Love the paintings. I see why you collect them.

  5. Hi Kim,

    Mr. Rogers sure does nice work. It's unusual to see twilight or night time paintings. That seems to be his forte. Combine that with the local subject matter and historical depictions and I can see why you admire this artist!