Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kramer Chronices-Sewing and Such

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
My mom has spent entirely too much time sewing dresses and petticoats lately so it looks like I'm going to have to help her.
I need to look through the fabric stash for just the right stuff.
Maybe there's something under here.
This looks like a good choice.
Which thread is the best color?
I like this one.
Let me get the scissors...
and the right size needle.
Now I need to take some measurements.
This will probbly go faster on the sewing machine.
Got to thread the needle and pull it through
 (this is tough with my furry paws so I had to use my teeth)!
Time to start sewing.
And there it is...bloomers for mom.
Happy sewing!
Purrs and meows,


  1. OMG, way too cool! Way to go Kramer! Leave it to a cat, oops, a dog, to put together bloomers so quickly. SC

  2. Bloomin' nice pin tucks, Kramer! Hope you had a little help with the ironing LOL!

  3. Oh no Kramer! You better be careful or she might chain you to the table and make you sew ALL her stuff! "She" wanted me to tell you that you did a VERY good job on those bloomers! I had to explain though, that purrsonally, I do NOT sew. Don't mind helping with the fabric choices and measuring but no way am I going to get roped into sewing for her. My gosh, it would cut into my nap time. Now that's serious stuff! Be ever so careful Kramer....

    Your pal,


  4. Hi Kim and Kramer,

    Too cute, love the photos of you sewing. Do be careful with the pins though.

    Happy week

  5. Well Kramer your talents never cease to amaze me. In our house the girl kitties lay on the sewing they never partake in it...
    Good wishes to you and all the others and a special hello to your Mum.
    Susan x

  6. Kramer was really busy.... Good to hear from you both... Best wishes

  7. So sweet. Richard at My Old Historic House

  8. Ha...ha.. you have such a good helper there!