Monday, July 18, 2011


As the hydrangea bush gleams her last bushy bouquets of miniature blooms I decided to bring several inside to grace many of the corners of our home.
The large soup turreen on the kitchen table has become a stew of colorful bouquets.
Smaller hydrangeas in tiny crystal vases gracefully soften the kitchen window sill.
Even the living room sports many of these delicate treasures.
The large hand painted pitcher boasts a single bloom.
What flowers are gracing your garden right now?

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  1. UNFORTUNATELY, I have allergies!!! So if someone is so kind as to bring me a bouquet when I have guests, I have to bear the itch for a while but I cannot have flowers..but if I did...I would have a SPRING bouquet with lots of purple in it! HI KIM!!! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO VISIT! How is your weather out there? WE ARE AT 117! The Twin Cities is extreme in the weather department!

    HAVE FUN! Anita

  2. Hi Kim,

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful and aren't they just as lovely dried.
    I have some white camellias that are just about coming through.

    Have a great week

  3. One of my favorite flowers. Love to use them dried at Christmas. Thanks for stopping by. Richard at My Old Historic House

  4. They're so beautiful and I love your arrangements. Mine are bloomed out for the year, but will enjoy yours:)

  5. What beautiful hydrangeas you have!! I wish I had more space to plant one.

  6. Hydrangeas, they will always remind me of my mother's garden, she loved them so much! Love the photos, your house is as pretty as those blossoms! As for my garden, what garden?? I haven't a green thumb in the least and the only thing I can grow is grass. :-) Which is why I enjoy fellow bloggers flower photos so very much! ~Debby p.s. it is good to be back. Still getting my feet wet in blogland again, but enjoying diving in.

  7. Are they not one of our most favourites in the Summer garden.
    And now they grace each little nook to enjoy for many weeks to come.
    Hope you are staying cool.
    Susan x

  8. I love them! I only have one, since my yard is too sunny, but wish I had more! The staff in excited to see Kramer at the party! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  9. Hydrangeas are so friendly ... You have displayed them beautifully in your gorgeous rooms... I love your stained glass window and collection of blue and green bottles...Thanks for sharing your flowers.... My lilies are beginning to blooming so I think I shall gather some for the front foyer today... Hugs

  10. Your hydrangeas are so pretty Kim. Is there any more abundant bloom out there than the hydrangea? Are yours really almost done? I still have a few weeks before mine bloom here. I did buy a couple of bushes to put in pots here that are blooming now, and I love them. The only real hardy ones that grow here are the white blooms, but I did have a couple of Endless Summer that over-wintered and I am so excited.
    I hope you are having the best Summer. I know you are so busy in Summer, so it is such a gift to have you visit.
    sending hugs...

  11. I love hydrangeas! You've found some lovely spots for them in your house. I just posted about those blooms on my blog too :)

  12. wow! I love hydrangeas and mine didn't even bloom this year :( The heat has been so awful to the plants. About the only thing blooming here are the Black-Eyed Susan's, a few gardenias and my Mom's Zinnias. Although a friend also said that her hydrangea's didn't bloom this year either, except for the Limelight Hydrangeas. Hmmmm... guess I'll be buying some of those :) Thanks for sharing your hydrangeas!!!

    "Her" and Romeo

  13. I just love hydrangeas but we can't grow them here. And I love the stained glass in the window. Beautiful!