Thursday, August 4, 2011

Magazine Dreams!

Kasey has taken an interest in my new magazine.
Yesterday while at Barnes and Noble I stumbled across this British magazine, Period Homes & Interiors.
Being a magazine-a-holic and enamored with all things British I splurged and bought it.
Let me tell you it did not disappoint!
Filled with lovely English homes and their interiors, antiques, and other articles I have enjoyed sipping tea while pursuing its colorful pages.
Granted it is a bit pricey so Kasey is helping by hiding the price tag so people don't think I'm crazy for spending $10 for a magazine:).
 One of the fun features of the magazine is the real estate section.
It was great fun looking at all the lovely country homes on the market and visiting the websites to see the interiors.
This one in particular caught my eye.
Thus begins the dream...
(if you would like to dream along with me visit:)
of owning an English cottage:).
Looks like Kasey is dreaming about it too!


  1. Oh my gosh... all your little family is wanting some stage time... I love magazines but have cut myself back on them... The Jeanne d Ark is like 32.00 to get delivered... I have to let that one pass me by allot but I would like the holiday one... Christmas... They are so lovely.....

  2. I'd love to dream along with you in the British magazine... I often scan through the pages drifting into another time period .... Sometimes I do buy a new one , but often I find wonderful old British papers in the second hand stores at a fraction of the price...That is until we all start buying and asking for them ( ha Ha)...

  3. Oh I love that magazine!! Thankfuly I've gotten a few at yard sales ;-D
    I love your pet parlor family, (come meet my new Kitties on my post)
    (I also have four big Doggies)!
    Many Blessings, Linnie

  4. What a magazine, and of my, what a house! A little mini castle almost. And when did you say was moving day for you and the gang!! :-) I have been able to find similar British magazines here in Germany (oddly enough, at the book shop at the airport), and I too grab them when ever I can. Enjoy the reading, and dreaming! ~Debby

  5. Kasey's dreaming about the all the space to run, indoors and out:) Being the hot-blooded pup she is, she's probably also thinking about the cool floors. Great magazine!

  6. It costs nothing to dream...
    Love the pics in the sidebar of you in magnificent period dress!
    Susan x