Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here, There, and Everywhere!

It has been a blessed and busy few weeks!
I have missed visiting with everyone as I have been travelling, visiting family, and sewing like a mad woman!
When I return from Virginia (I leave tomorrow) I will be posting my first blogland giveaway:).
Until then here is some of what has been going on the past few weeks:

Sewing class in Spartanburg for a mid 19th century summer mantle,
1920's party Saturday night,
and more sewing Sunday.
Home for a few days while Lizzy helps me with my summer mantle project.

Then off to Atlanta to visit with family,
(Lizzy and grandma enjoying breakfast:)
(Lizzy and mom)
and book signings at Acworth Bookstore in Acworth,GA,
Broad Street Antiques Mall in Chamblee, GA
and Antiques in Old Town in Lilburn, GA.
Mr. Whiskers and me:).

Back home where I finished my summer mantle,
and cleaned and decorated for a visit from family
(both furry and human).
It's not summer without garden tomatoes!

Meanwhile hubby and his friend replaced the rotted front porch.

Family arrives for a fun visit.
Winston resting on his mommy's lap,
while Sasha smiles after pulling all of the toys from the basket.
Calvin is doing his imitation of a couch puppy.
Sasha smiling while she waits for Lizzy to abandon the toy that she now wants.
And where is Kramer you ask?
Hiding in another room, of course!
(Kasey is off somewhere sleeping).
With all of the busyness of life I think our neighbors' cat has the right idea...
an afternoon nap on a hot summer day:).

Blessings for a restful and fun summer to all of my blogland friends!
Love ya,


  1. Howdy Kim. You always look so lovely in your period clothing! Just beautiful! You have been very busy and on the go. The best to you.

    I hope to get one of your signed books in the near future. Congrats on your book and ready to sell.

    The new porch will be wonderful when completed. The best to your hubby as this is built. About 2 years ago my husband tore down our old front porch and rebuilt a new one. He still has to replace the ceiling in the porch, but first comes a few other remodeling projects.

    Have to enjoy life as we go along.

    May the rest of your Summer be a great one!
    God bless,

  2. Kim, you are just a busy, busy lady. Sometimes summer is just too busy to get anything done for me..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  3. Wonderful, especially your neighbors kitty. That's what summer is all about! SC

  4. Hi Kim, you are a busy lady. But it all looks like fun! Your summer mantle is really pretty. Have a great week! Gina

  5. KIM MY DEAR!!!!

    Sweet one, I saw your comment yesterday, but like YOU, I am in a whirlwind of activity here that I was not able to visit until NOW, in the wee hours of the morning!

    We too are having a deck built, we are painting my studio, and are preparing for a guest to come on MONDAY.....

    YOU LOOK SO FABULOUS! And I am thinking here, "This is fantastic, to plunge into another world by recreating the dress, the home, the style!" Oh, no worries my sweet for not being able to participate in the Paris party...NEXT YEAR! AND you can sew a Paris fashion and model it, from whatever era you wish! I too was supposed to participate in a wonderful blog party next week, but with my guest arriving and staying with me during the party, I just cannot swing it. So I understand!

    Kramer looks magnificent as always!

    Have a lovely summer of FUN! Anita

  6. Dang! Busy is an understatement! I'm tired just watching all that has been happening. I think I'm going to go try and imitate the neighbor's cat. Here's hoping the screen doesn't pop out.....



  7. That kitty in the window made me laugh Kim!
    Oh my goodness girl, you have been one busy lady. You look so beautiful in all of your outfits and I LOVE the blouse!!!! You have so many talents and I am so blessed to have you share them here.
    sending hugs...

  8. Oh your neighbours cat is so funny! So glad to see you well, your outfits are wonderful as ever. Hugs, catherine x

  9. I hope you are well, I miss you too as Deanna says above me.
    Your blog has inspired me greatly and I just imitated you somewhat by giving a tour of my "library".

    Hope you start posting again and all is well.