Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kramer Chronicles-Bearton Abbey

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
I have completely given up on my mom!
Aside from the fact she is always busy with work, or sewing, or writing, or reenacting, now she has taken on a new endeavor...
Bearton Abbey!
Yup, she has a new blogspot and spends entirely too much time on it!
I tried to get involved but to no avail.
I attempted taking over the props but she just moved them.
Then I cozied up to the star,
but still nothing. 
So I got involved by helping with placement and checking make-up,
still nothing!
Tried a behind the scenes approach...nope, didn't work.
I finally realized, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
Be sure to visit my mom's newest BlogSpot at
You may even see me there appearing in a guest starring role!
Purrs and meows,
PS, the furnishings for the bears came from a great antique shop in Lilburn.


  1. Well hello Kramer, it isn't fare you should have to compete with a stuffed bear now is it?
    But I'm sure when the lights have dimmed and the day is done you get plenty of attention... perhaps up on a warm cozy bed.
    I hope you are warm and safe as I see on the news there is a terrible storm that is upon you.
    Take care...
    Susan x

  2. Bearton Abby! What an adorable idea. Just hand in there sweet Kramer..and something might open up for you soon. You may have to start as a stage hand..then work your way up. :)'s just a idea!
    Do take care..those stage props can be dangerous you know.

  3. "hang" the word is " there!" Not hand. :)

  4. Cramer, you are ever so adorable, and mummy is extremely talented in all her ways! Will you also be in on all the shows? I hope so! You make a lovely stand in! THANK YOU FOR THIS! Anita

  5. OOop! KRAMER. Excuse-moi for the spelling error of your name! Carry on.....

  6. Oh how cute is that! Adorable photos of sweet little Kramer and the bears! Love the small furniture! Have a lovely Valentine's Day.

  7. It's so nice to have the Kramer Chronicles back - most entertaining! We need more, much, much more!!!

  8. Dearest Little Kramer,

    Pee in her shoes. THAT should get her attention!



  9. What an adorable post! Kramer is such a star, give him a break!