Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Kramer Chronicles-Christmas Decor Overload!

And my SAGA continues!
Mom and dad both spent days putting up Christmas decorations while the dogs and I looked on.

It all started with lots of junk, junk, junk!
I mean, come on, who keeps a giant egg?
Well before I knew it mom had the egg all decorated and sitting in an antique silver cup.
(she seemed really proud of herself so who was I to burst her bubble?)
I keep hearing her talk about being on a budget which I hope doesn't apply to my Christmas catnip!
She was very determined to use what she had around the house.
Then she took a little Christmas tree hung antique keys and vintage crystals from it and stuck it in a silver sugar bowl.
All of this she used to decorate the mantel that she just finished undecorating!
To be perfectly honest I was getting kinda bored (not to mention I was beginning to wonder about my mom's sanity with all this undecorating and redecorating).

So I went to my window seat and did a little bird-watching...
some surfing...
and some napping.
And what to my wondering eyes did appear when I awoke a few hours later?
 Christmas decor galor!
I thought this vignette needed a little Kramer:).
Even the coasters were decorated!
Only my mom would buy a vintage red peacock at thrift store.
By nightfall everything looked pretty cozy.
Total cost for this room, $3.50.
So I sat back and enjoyed all the splendor.
All of this coziness is making me sleepy.
I think it's time for a nap!
Come back tomorrow to see the next room!


  1. Beee u tee full!
    Gorgeous decorating and delightful to see.

    Kim, may you have a sweet Holiday Month.
    So glad you're sharing these lovely pictures.

    God bless,

  2. Kramer better sleep good tonight cause I think mom is gona be a decorating again tomorrow...

  3. WHOA! Kramer!? How did you ever sleep through all that racket and rearranging?!?! How absolutely incredible. I mean your vignette next to the cloche of course. Seriously Kramer, it all looks fabulous. So I suppose now, Kim-Mom will tell us no running through the house when I come over to visit won't she?! Well, you can always come to my house, "she" is almost finished and of course in my purrsonal opinion, even finished you wouldn't be able to tell the difference if we trashed it or not ;) Of course like yourself, I would never tell "her" that. Have to think about the welfare of my catnip trust fund you know. Looking forward to seeing the next room. Hopefully, I will survive the last room of decorating over here. Nap well little buddy!


    Your pal,


  4. Kim, everything looks so festive! I bet it was fun unpacking all your holiday decorations and seeing it all for the first time in your new house. And, with your red walls and upholstery, Christmas looks even better! Kramer, you are such a typical have to get right in the center of it all and do your famous pose.