Monday, January 24, 2011

From Regency to Robert Burns

We have been history hopping for the past week:).
Last Thursday we attended a gathering at the newly rennovated Masonic Lodge.
The building is from the early 1890's and had fallen into terrible disrepair.
It was being held up by wooden poles!
As you can see after several years of work the building is once again in use.
As part of the rennovation all of the original features inside were kept.
On Friday night we were the greeters for the third and final part of a historic lecture series celebrating Beaufort's tricentennial.
Darryl and our good friend, Louise, outside of the church.
Darryl and I greet guests attending the lecture which on this night was about the Civil War.
Guests were even greeted by soldiers, both Confederate and Union.
St. Helena Episcipal Church was founded in 1712, the building was constructed in 1724.
It continues to be an active congregation to this day.
On Saturday we were off to Seabrook Island for the Jane Austen Society luncheon.
The tables were set for a delicious meal of grilled salmon over couscous with chocolate pecan pie for dessert.
My Mr. Darcy enjoying the view.
I portrayed Jane Austen and hubby was Mr. Darcy:).
Later that evening we attended a party honoring the famous Scottish poet,
Robert Burns.
After feasting on Scottish fare and visiting with friends, several people read their favorite Robert Burns poems.
Of course, all of this time travel has worn me out.
I think I'll take a hint from Kramer and catch a quick cat nap:).


  1. Oh so interesting... Sounds and looks enchanting... Kramer looks so peaceful... I think I may follow his lead also.

  2. So glad you have shared this neat occasion!
    You would be something to see in person dressed to the t as Jane!
    The two of you are dressed so beautifully!

    Trying to stay warm in Kansas. Brrrr.
    One of these days I hope to sew a period piece. I pray it be soon so I would be able to say I did it!
    On my bucket list.

    God bless you dear one,
    d from homehaven

  3. What a busy weekend! Great pics and love the costumes, but you wore me out just following you. I'm with Kramer:)

  4. I just found your blog and I love it!
    I have always enjoyed things victorian.I will be back and hope you visit me!Elizabeth

  5. Thanks for your visit and following of my blog.I live just outside Tallahassee. Where are you?

  6. What a perfectly lovely Mr. and Mrs. Darcy!

  7. How fun.Richard at

  8. Your attire is beautiful and what a dashing couple you make.
    On my Grandma's Sutherland side we are related to Mr. Burns and his wonderful poetry has been treasured all my life...
    Susan x

  9. Kim,

    What a busy and fun time you are having! What elegant events, just made for the two of you! As always, excellent photos of you both. How wonderful that your city is celebrating with such historically themed events! You don't need to travel very far to take part in all the fun!