Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kramer Chronicles-Winter Whites

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
Come a bit closer, I have something to tell you but I need to be quiet about it so my mom doesn't hear.

My mom is driving me crazy!
Just when I was getting used to all the Christmas decorations she took them all down!
Now she's redoing everything in winter whites!
Yup, you know your mom is obsessed with decorating when a cat knows the term 'winter whites'.

It's pretty discouraging.

Oh no, I heard something in the living room!
I think she's at it again!

Yup, even poor Calvin looks worried!

Wouldn't her time be better spent, you know, petting me?

But no, she spends all her time arranging and rearranging everything!
Honestly, it all looks the same to me.

Of course, I do enjoy chewing on the flower arrangments...
and batting the sparkled fruit from the bowl.
Then I sit in the window and look at the camillas blooming outside.

After all that decorating mom invites people over,
 I guess to show them all of the obsessive rearranging she did all day!

If I weren't hiding under the bed I might try some of that cheese.

What can I say, everywhere I look I see white!

Well enough of that.
All of this decorating talk is making me sleepy.
Thanks for visiting but it's time for my mid-morning nap.

Sweet dreams!

Ugh, even my dreams are decorated in winter whites!
Purrs and meows,


  1. Poor Kramer. :o) The winter white looks lovely, it's such a fresh look after the Christmas decor is put away.

  2. Kramer! It's gotta be something in the water, it's always going on over here....fluffing, moving stuff around, changing this or that....but the food and guests?!?! I'll let you in on my favorite plan of attack...your Mom will put the food out right before the guests arrive...she will be so busy making sure all those new winter white changes look purrfect, fussing over the food in the kitchen, and generally running around like a crazy woman...which makes for the purrfect opportunity to seize the cheese and THEN run for the cover of the bed! She probably won't notice it right away and by the time she does, that cheese will be history, you'll be innocently napping and all will be well in your world. For your Mom she'll probably think she's losing her mind, you know thinking for sure that she put out more cheese than what was there when the guests arrive and maybe she'll even blame the lapse of brain cells on doing too much winter white decorating!!!!! See how wonderful this plan is?!?! Let me know next time and I'll come over and help coach you through it....always like to be helpful ;)



  3. Your home is so lovely .... Kramer is really very happy that he lives there... Your great entertainment when you are decorating... All schools in our area are cancelled today due to glazing ice... yikes.

  4. I just learned an important lesson. Never sign out after posting a comment. Everything disappears! So if I remember my comment, it went something like this.

    Kramer should really like your decorating next month if you decide to add red to winter white, for Valentine's Day, of course. The table was absolutely lovely, as usual. Kramer probably became distressed due to the lackof space available to him to move around on it. Hang in there, Kramer, spring is coming!

  5. Hello my handsome Kramer...tell your mommy she has been making magic, as far as I'm concerned. All the vignettes are perfection to me! Obsessive or not, she has the touch. You will tell her, won't you? And stay down out of that cheese!!!
    big hugs

  6. Hey Kramer, your as dashing as every in your black and white attire.

    Lovely decorating Kim!

  7. Hey, Kramer!! Please tell your wonderful Mom, Kim, that her Winter White decorating is absolutely stunning! It looks so elegant against the deep rich color of the walls!!



  8. Love to see your beautiful post. If you have not been by for awhile, please drop by and catch up. I miss hearing from you. Richard at www.myoldhistorichouse.blogspot.com

  9. Dear Kim,
    I sure like your square silver dish that you have cheese cubes, crackers and spread in. Really turns my crank!!!!
    Lovely table and Kramer is just the sweetest.

  10. KIM!!!! YOU ARE A HOOT! Kramer is indeed confused about all this WHITE rage, but we know better! Oh your home is so lovely and you must WOW your guests with not only the beautiful arrangements and food, but with the hospitality that I am sure you serve. What a cute post with Kramer as the host. Does he broadcast regularly on this channel? I LOVE HIM!!!! Thank you for coming dear Kim. I hope your new year is going well! Anita

  11. Now Kramer you know that your Mom is enjoying herself and making your lovely home even more cozy.
    She has a good eye you know... that's why she picked you.
    Have great weekend!
    Susan x

  12. Kramer-

    Tell your mom I love all her whites! I also love that second pictures of you talking. You're a very opinionated cat! That cheese and cracker spread your mom set out looks divine... next time, steal a piece of cheese for me, OK?