Monday, March 28, 2011

Flying Pig and Spring Fling...

Check out the newest addition to my flying pigs collection!
My stepmom, Ann, found this fluffy little pig and sent her my way (even though she is a flying pig she had a little help from the post office getting here:)!
The best part is when you press her hoof her wings flap!
 Spring is in full swing!
Azaleas are blooming...
 along with dogwoods,
 and lots of other lovely flowers:).
 Happy Spring!


  1. I have a thing for flying pigs too!
    My husband is a police officer and he was on his way to a call when someone cut him off, he swerved and became airborne, rolled 3 times and landed upside down.
    Miraculously he survived and we call September 20, Flying Pig Day! It is a day you do something you thought you would only do "when pigs fly"...because they do! LOL!

  2. your flying pig is so cute! Wow, the flowers are really showing their pretty selfs by you, it's still cold and I haven't seen a bloom yet!! have a nice week! hugs, Jennifer

  3. flying pigs are cute.

    Your Spring is awesome!!!! Heavenly, absolutely lovely.
    We're having a wintery season with more snow this week. I wish I was in the south right now.

    Sweet blessings to you,

  4. Cute piggy! You are almost 2 months ahead of us as far as Spring goes. We still have piles of snow that need to melt, and our temps are still in the 30's! Brrrrr! Your pretty flowers pics make me look forward to when we can open our windows and let the fresh, sweet breezes in. :-)


  5. Well, I couldn't stop laughing from Divine Theatre's comment to your post. It made my day!

    The flowers are beautiful and although it has been bloomin' like crazy here, it's been raining almost constantly and when it's not, it's super-dreary. Can't wait to see the sun again.

  6. What a cute addition to your collection.

    Beautiful, beautiful blooms!!

  7. Love the spring flowers, my favorite season, I hope we have some soon. Still cold and damp in Mo. Thanks for sharing. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  8. Yes, it was wonderful to view the myriad of azaleas blooming in Charleston at the beginning of April, while here home in Missouri, the lilacs had not even started budding! I was so grateful to own a digital camera, as there were more flowers to photograph at every turn. We LOVED our visit to Charleston...the sights, the flavors, and the friendly people!