Monday, March 7, 2011

Kramer Chronicles-Another Battle

Lately my mom has been going to a lot of 'battles'
For more about that visit her other blog:
But back to me.
Being a cat, I know all about battles.

Especially when you live with stupid dogs!
When doing battle one must be sly.
First, you check to make sure no one is looking, especially mom.
Then check to make sure no one is hiding in the shadows.

Then wait for the opportune moment.
The key is to be very nonchalant.
That's the secret to the Kramer crouch,
I appear to be relaxing but really I'm ready to pounce.
The Kramer crouch is scientifically proven to give you extra pounce power and length of motion (for research verfication ask any of the dogs I live with).

The best time to get them is when they are asleep.
Verify that they are really asleep.

Then you stealthly sneak up on them,
and pounce!

This is Calvin before the attack...
and this is Calvin after.

Wow, that always makes me fall over laughing!

When mom comes to fuss at me for scaring the poor dogs I just give her the cute innocent 'who me?' look.

Oops, Calvin is doing the Kramer crouch.
And he's checking to make sure mom isn't around!

 This can only mean one thing!

I better go hide!

I'll see you all later.
Shhh...don't tell him where I am!
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  1. hahahahahahaha

    Kramer, You put a smile on my face!
    Enjoyed this post today and think you're hiding place is a pleasant place.

    Tell your mom hello for me,

  2. Oh my gosh that is so cute! Kramer sure is sneaky.

  3. Kramer, you made me laugh this morning! This is so darn cute.
    Oh Calvin...he's in the window!!!! (I'm a sucker for the underdog)
    big hugs

  4. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!
    Shenanigan has been up to the same rigarmarole! It must be Spring! McGillicuddy likes to bounce people when they are alseep. He can't get enough of that game! He tried it once with Faerie Princess. Just once. Now his prey is solely human.
    Have a nice week, little Kramer! Watch your back!

  5. Kramer you are a hint of sunshine in another wise dreary day...
    Sooner or later that doggie's going to find you!
    Susan x

  6. Oh Kramer if you lived here in Ohio you would be in trouble all the time because it seems the winter is getting very long and boring now... Ready for a change of temps... Say Hi to mom

  7. Kramer-

    You need a better hiding place! But you're so cute, I think you can charm those dogs out of doing battle. ;-)


  8. By all rights, your house should be in shambles!!

  9. LOL! Such a cutey but such a trouble maker. :o) Great pictures and this post brought a smile to my face as usual. Thanks!

  10. Oh Kramer! I must practice your moves - they appear to be VERY successful! I hope they are not too hard to learn.....oh wait.....if Calvin can learn how to do, there is no doubt that I can do it! I mean he IS a d*g and we both know they are not always the brightest, right?!

    Purrs! I hope you have a grand week!