Friday, April 15, 2011

The Conspirator-Opening Night

For those of you that have been following my blogs for a while you may remember back in October of 2009 that hubby and I were extras in the movie The Conspirator.
(visit the blog post below:)
Well there was one thing I didn't tell you.
I was cast as Mrs. Stanton the wife of Mr. Stanton played by Kevin Kline.
See you at the movies!


  1. Well Ms. Thing, a movie star, how divine. Kevin Kline is from St.Louis originally and when his parents died I did an estate sale of there things for him,his brother and sister. The brother still lives in St.Louis and I think the sister is a director of movies. Very nice people.I sold several copies of movie script when I did the sale. He worked in a record shop when he was in school so there were lots of records. I am excited to see that movie. I love Lincoln,Mary and that time period. You look wonderful in the pictures. I can't waite to see you on the screen. We have no movie theater and I have to drive about 70 miles to see a movie, so I might have to waite till it comes out on tape. I am so excited for you. Wonderful. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  2. How delightful!
    Now I have to have this movie as part of my collection. Bravo!
    Lady Estelle

  3. Oh My Goodness! I just went and watched the trailer. It looks like an amazing movie. I will absolutely being seeing this. I can't wait to see your sweet face.


  4. Hi Kim,

    How wonderful for you! Our own movie star blog friend.
    Just off to watch the trailer now.

    Happy weekend

  5. Oh Kim that is wonderful... I can well imagine you in perfect form not only in costume but in mindset too.
    Can hardly wait to see the movie.
    Have a wonderful weekend and oh yes can I have your autograph?
    Susan x

  6. How very nice Kim... Enjoy every moment life offers .... How's Kramer?

  7. You sneaky little girl you!!!! How exciting is this!!!! I am beside myself right now! And doubly so for you. I have to run tell my husband that now I know an actress too. (he does security for Demi Moore) I cannot wait to see this Kim!
    sending you big hugs...

  8. Congratulations! You look perfect for the role! Seeing the movie tomorrow and will be looking for you!!!!

  9. Dear Kim,
    That is soooooo neat!
    AND a beautiful Mrs. you are.
    Think your dress is gorgeous on you. So pretty.

    I hope to see the amazes me how fast the time has gone from when you mentioned the movie. My jaw dropped that this was in 2009. I remember your post as if it were yesterday.

    Have a sweet day,

  10. Kim,
    Congrats to you!! How exciting!!
    How could you have kept this a secret so long!!


  11. Dear Kim,
    Watched the movie and have to watch it again! Liked it... loved the costumes and interior designs. The acting was great and the story line very interesting.

    It was so neat to see you in the movie. Good job! You sure looked the part!!!