Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kramer Chronicles-Chasing Lizzards

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
Pardon me for not turning around but...
I'm watching the lizzard outside the window.
When lizzard watching I must stay very still so as not to alert the lizzard to my presence.
 Here is my 'E.T.-stance-so-I-can-see-him-better' position.
On a more pathetic note...
this my stupid sister Lizzy.
She's a dog.
She likes to chase lizzards.
While Lizzy gets to chase lizzards I'm stuck watching from the window.
Look at that!
After she chases lizzards she sits in the dirt to cool off, unbelievable!
Oh my gosh did you see that?
She stuck her tongue out at me!
Ugh, she's covered in dirt!
She thinks she's so cute but I know better.
Look at that dirty dog butt!
What's this?
Dad has shown up with the hose!
You're in for a bath now dog!!!
There's no way to jump out of this one-heehee!
What's this?
She's actually trying to get the hose from dad!
While Lizzy battles for the hose Calvin is on the hunt for...
Oh yeah, he's tough.
OK, I just can't take it anymore!
I have no choice but to plan for a cat attack!
Nothing invokes fear like a cat stretching and sharpening his claws on the carpet.
Shhh...I hear them coming in now!
Time to put on my game face.
It works every time!
Look at them hiding under the covers!
Until next time.
Purrs and Meows,


  1. Awww! So cute! Pets are so entertaining aren't they???

  2. Oh slay me! You're just so cute. The fur on your back was sticking out in all this excitement with the lizard.

    Take care and don't be too hard on your family! hehe

  3. I just love this post. Thanks so much for all the effort you did to make it. I actually turned the air on for My Sissy Dog last night, I would not turn it on for me. It was 99 here in Missouri yesterday. I loves my dog, as it looks like you do as well. Richard at My Old Historic House

  4. Too cute...I think your pets are natural stars!

  5. Always a good laugh at your place Kramer.
    Could you imagine if Mom let you out to play in the dirt...
    Susan x

  6. Hey Cuz! Just wanted to let you know I feel your frustration with the lizard and pups. I'm glad you keep them in tow and on their paws. It could be worse - you could be constantly tantalized with a variety of woodland creatures! My human just did a post on what I have to put up with - check it out and feel grateful. Take care and keep cool this summer. Cassie

  7. Ah Kramer - just wait until one of those dog-brains chases the lizard inside! ..Ha! It WILL happen and, dog-butts, and lizards will not be safe from THE KRAMER! Beware the Kramer Man.....

    Your loyal buddy!


  8. I so enjoy The Kramer Chronicles!! They are always so entertaining and imaginative and what great stars you have in this post!!

    So cute!!


  9. Kramer you crack me up!!!!!!!! Did I just hear you say 'dirty dog butt'????? You have such a hard life having to live live with those two. They SHOULD be afraid...very afraid!

    Kim I loved your Sunday Wisdom as always. And I always love the Kramer Chronicles!
    Thank you again for your sweet words,

  10. Kramer,

    Hey, great action shots of the dogs! Those ruffians! Very uncouth to go digging in dirt and fetching sticks. Tell your mom I love the one with the doggies under the covers, though! Precious! Of course, you look as proper and kingly as ever.


  11. Hi! I heart Kramer and the gang!