Friday, September 9, 2011

Fan Club

Last Sunday Hubby and I visited the Charleston Museum.
I shared photos of the jewelry exhibit and traveling 'Threads of War' exhibit on my other blogspot
Being a 'fan' of all things Victorian I decided to post some of the fan collection from the museum.
Below is an antique advertising fan from 1888.
This fan was stunning.
More very fine fans.
 The finely carved mother-of-pearl base of this fan shimmers.
This fan was as delicate as lace.
Another beauty.
The artwork on this fan is complimented with a beautiful gold embossed base.
 I thought I would share some of the gorgeous hair combs that added that little extra pizzazz to a lady's hairstyle.
This beaded purse would have been the final sparkle to a lovely outfit.
I hope you enjoyed these antique treasures.
Be sure to visit the Thrifty Reenactor blogspot listed at the beginning of this post for more of the Charleston Museum exhibits.


  1. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful artifacts from the museum. The intricate fans and hair combs are so beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend


  2. Just thought I would mention Kim, that the link to your other blog does not seem to be working.


  3. How beautiful. Do you ever think the fan will make a comeback?
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Susan x

  4. I love Victorian Fans, have a few. I did a post about them way back. The language of the Victorian Fan. Thanks for sharing these beautiful examples. Richard from My Old Historic House,

  5. OMG Kim... These fan are extraordinary... I love them all... I must admit I have a fan fetish and when in Japan I was so pleased to see that they still use fans... but none were as gorgeous as these ones... I had never seen a mother of pearl fan... Goodness what an wonderful collection..Thank You so much for sharing all these beauties.. now I must go and find some of my fans and fan myself ( ha ha)..You rekindled my interest, dear Lady ... Hugs

  6. I love the hair combs Kim. You might laugh...but in the day, I wore my hair like the Gibson Girls and always had a comb in my hair. I had the perfect hair for the style and wish I had a picture. I can't believe I don't!
    The fans are so pretty and all so unique in style.
    You are so blessed to live in a place so rich with history.
    sending big hugs your way...