Monday, September 19, 2011

Kramer Chronicles-Falling into Fall Decor

Hey, it's me Kramer and I had to take over the computer again because my mom is too busy redecorating for fall.
Hmph, I really don't understand all of this seasonal stuff but here it is anyway.
Mom started with the mantel.
I guess she was in the mood to display her teapot collection.
This is mom's Crown Derby china collection.
Let me tell you it's pure talent getting from one window to the other without knocking something off.
Yup, the tea infatuation continued to the coffee table with a reproduction tea box and several slotted spoons most of which are for, what else, tea.
(don't know why it's called a coffee table in our house when everything is about tea).
Finally something besides tea stuff!
And silk flowers just for chew:).
Kasey seems to be enjoying all of this chaos.
I think she's just pretending to like it to get on mom's good side and a treat.
Once mom moved to the spare bedroom Calvin joined in.
Granted if you were to come for a visit this is the room you would stay in.
Actually we have guests scheduled.
This hangs on the wall as you enter the spare bedroom.
Since it's been cooler lately
mom threw an extra dog on the bed.
Dresser in the spare bedroom.
Hmmm...I wonder where mom went.
I've been hiding behind these flowers so she doesn't redecorate me!
Uh oh, I think I hear her coming!
Whew, I got outta there just in time.
I'll just sit here in the window and nap until she's finished rearranging everything.
Until next time,
purrs and meows,


  1. Oh Kramer.I just luv visiting your home. Plez tell Kim that I enjoyed seeing the pretties she has blessed her home with! Is so pleasant and enhances your lovely home.

    I have been quietly cleaning my home and wish it were done with Fall beginning at the end of the week. That's my hopes to be ready to celebrate lie, liberty and the pursuit of happiness this season!

    Plez tell Kim hello for me.

    God bless!

  2. PS
    I forgot to mention that the quilt is so pretty!
    Adding a dog to the bed for warmth was cute!!!

  3. Now Kramer! Would it have been that challanging to join those Doggies on the bed?? Tee hee!
    PS your Mom should work for Victoria Magazine!!!

  4. The mantle looks great as does the rest of the house. Those pups are so phenomenal and of course Kramer. SC

  5. Kramer you are one lucky be able to live in all this beautiful stuff around you! How DO you keep from knocking it over anyway???
    Tell your mom for me I would be a three dog sleeper at least if I came to stay. The more the merrier I always say. I love all the pretty touches your mom has added to your home for Fall. She really has the prettiest tea table I've seen. I LOVE the mantel!
    sending hugs...

  6. Thanks for the tour Kramer. It's always wonderful to visit your beautiful home. Oh, and love the dog cartoon. :o)

    Ravenhill Cottage

  7. Ha Ha ... What a cute post... It was such fun getting a Cat's eye view of your lovely home...Love that teabox and all the silverware...Your mom must be real proud of you... You didn't knock a thing over and you kept the dogs in their place ( ha Ha) Thanks Kramer...Hugs

  8. Kramer, your posts always keep me smiling! And I loved the tour of the house, seeing it all through a cat's eye view! As for the coffee table filled with tea stuff, so much better then at our house where the "coffee" table is nothing but a clutter table. I like yours so much more. :-) Tell you mom that I said hi, that I am sorry that I have not been around to visit much of late, just trying hard to keep up with too much and not doing a very good job of it I am afraid, and that I think of you all anyway even when i don't drop by. hugs from across the ocean, and a big hello from Cody too, ~Debby

  9. Hi Kim and Kramer,

    Was great to come and visit you in your gorgeous home and see all your pretty things.
    Now you would need to take care Kramer, stepping around with all the delicate and precious treasures.

    Happy week