Monday, March 12, 2012

Battle of Gambles Hotel

This past weekend was the Battle of Gambles Hotel at the Columns.
It was a beautiful day for the event as flowers bloomed forth in vibrant hues against a Carolina blue sky.
An atmosphere of peacefulness and serenity encompassed the plantation.
Our finest attire was donned for the event.
(this is another new dress that I finished at 11:00 Friday night:).
 Hubby looked rather dapper too.
Dear friend Lynn and I sporting our newest creations.
After a stroll in the gardens we decided to tour the 1850s mansion.
The porches beckened one to times gone by.
Following the tour we headed for the battlefield to view the battle.
Shots rang out and cannons fired as onlookers watched reenactors bring the past to life.
Of course, the day was filled with fun too!
 We have deterimined that orange Crush is the official drink for lots of giggles!
(For some reason we get very silly after drinking this:).
Granted things looked a bit odd over at the 'regular' food venders.
Hmmm, I don't remember Shrek being around in the 19th century.
We, of course, eat at the period correct food venders.
What's the matter? You don't want any fry bread from this guy?
Why ever not?
Oops, what seems to be the problem gents?
How embarrassing!
Their vests are made from the same fabric!
The gent on the left quickly confirmed his shock at seeing the same fabric being that he bought his from a blockade runner thinking surely no one else would have the same thing.
That is, until he found out my hubby is the blockade runner!
(he really does portray a blockade runner by the name of John Wilkins).
Despite the awkward moment all had a good chuckle and were friends in the end:).
And yet another amusing encounter.
A Chik-Fil-A cup in the hands of an antebellum lady?
After a day filled with beauty, history, and few good laughs it all ends up with friendship...
and love:).
Thanks for attending the reenactment with us!
I hope you had a nice time:).

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  1. Looked like a fun day you you both looked wonderful in your atire. How fun! Richard from my Old Historic House.

  2. WOW! What a purrfect day! Beautiful dress, handsome husband in fine attire and beautiful weather.....the only thing missing was...Kramer ;) Sorry, gotta put in a plug for my friend!

    Hope all is going well!


    Romeo and "her"

  3. Beautiful ladies and handsome gents!!
    Your dress is amazing!!
    Congrats on your book too!!


  4. Oh Kim,

    You make fairy tales really come true. YOU REALLY DO. Thank you for gracing my page with your kindness; you caught me just as I was posting my new post. Do come back if you get a chance. How lovely this weather is, isn't it?

    Dream on...Anita

  5. Hi Kim-

    I love seeing the beautiful clothes you've been creating for your reenactments and events! Looks like so much fun, even though it was a war battle, lol! I bet men often found themselves wearing the same fabric even back then, probably even more so. :-)