Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lavender, Lace, and Lizzards

The lovely fragrance of lavender scenting the air with its deep violet petals glowing in the spring sunlight...
but there is something lurking beneath...
But not to worry because Lizzy is on the hunt!
First she sniffs them out,
 then she watches for movement.
The lizzard seems to have scurried to the nearby potted plants so the sniffing begins again...
 followed by a quick side glance for movement.
There's something beneath the ivy!
Stay calm, watch for it,

and then...

or not.
 While Lizzie continues her lizzard hunt let's look at the lace part of the post:).
Last weekend was the Battle of Charleston.
We all wore our new dresses to the event:).
After some shopping it was time to join the other ladies for tea.
We enjoyed a fine day with friends.
As we left in our horseless carriage we noticed a bit of an anomoly for the era.
Somehow this excessively long carriage managed to get itself stuck on the dirt hump in the road.
(notice the hoop skirted ladies to the right-they were as astonished as we were:).
 This is a predicament.
In the meantime Lizzie is still hunting lizzards by the straw bale...
the old flower pot...
and the empty flower pot.
I think Lizzie spent too much time in the heat looking for lizzards!
Now she's just laying in the sun laughing!
I guess that's 'the end' of this post:).


  1. Hello! We're having an early Spring this year. It's wonderful. The Lilacs are in bloom.

    Your sweet puppy makes looking for a lizard easy and playful. I think it's very important to catch all the lizards....they scare me!!! haha

    You Ladies are lovely. So very pretty.
    Sweet Spring to you,

  2. hi Kim,
    Lizzie is on the hunt...so cute!
    I love your dress, it is so pretty Kim! The day looked like a lovely time...right up to the point of the high-centered limo :)
    sending hugs...

  3. Hi Kim,

    Love the photos of Lizzie on a lizard hunt - I have noticed a lot of lizards over here too.
    You Ladies look fabulous, your dresses are gorgeous and looks like you had a great day out.

    Happy week

  4. Kim: Your Lizzie thinks she is a cat, I bet. Or wishes she was at a time like this. We have a Civil War enactment every summer at our fairgrounds. It is always so much fun to see, with everyone in costume. I would be afraid though of those strange motor cars in the midst of it all! Even Robert E. Lee wouldn't be so priviledged.(Is that the right person. I'm not that good at history..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  5. i would love me some Lizzie, and rub that sweet, cute ones dogie belly. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  6. Hi Kim! Lizzie is so cute! Did she get her name from her lizard hunting abilities? The reenactment looks like so much fun and your dresses are wonderful! Your day would not have been complete without some kind of mishap, right? (the limo)
    Thanks for joining in on my blog, blogging and meeting new friends is so much fun! Have a happy day!

  7. No lizards yet that I've seen, but we have lots of birds, a couple of squirrels and a stray cat hanging around. Lizzie should have fun when she comes to visit, but it looks like there's still a problem with poison ivy. And of course Bill and Joan have a new dog - perhaps a pit bull mix? I'm sure Lizzie will love that:) SC

  8. The dresses are gorgeous! And I know you make yours. I am in awe!
    Lizzy is adorable. Terriers are such determined little critters!

  9. Lizzie is on a mission that's for sure.
    I can imagine it is just a beehive of activity at your home... new dresses to be sewn, book coming out and of course all the help that the critters lend.Ha!
    Wishing you a glorious weekend Kim.
    Susan x

  10. Haha! Did Lizzie ever catch that lizard? I love that the "horseless carriage" is stuck on the bumpy road! Hope somebody hitched some horses to it to pull it off, lol!