Monday, July 15, 2013

Painted Porcelains

One of the popular pastimes of Victorian ladies was porcelain painting. Blanks from Europe were imported to be decorated in an array of flora, birds, cherubs, or whatever the artist chose to paint. Despite the notable talent of American ladies, their work was denied entry into the 1901 World's Fair in Paris as they were looked upon as mere amateurs.

I have been collecting these one-of-a-kind treasures for several years now. To learn more about American painted porcelains and their history read American Painted Porcelain, by Dorothy Kamm.
To get a bird's eye view of Victorian life in the Lowcountry of South Carolina read Truer Words, a historical fictional novel set in the Lowcountry during the Victorian era.


  1. Kim, The china is so very pretty. It would be a treasure to have in one's home to admire and use.

  2. Hi Kim, Beautiful collection of hand painted porcelains. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Sunday to you,