Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Kramer Chronicles; Visit to the Veterinarian

Hey, it's me, Kramer.
As you can see, I'm still annoyed with my mom over an infraction committed against me last week; the annual vet visit.
Upon our arrival, I scurried from the cat trap, otherwise known as the carrier, to the window in an effort to blend in so the veterinarian would not notice me. However, my mom found the situation entertaining and thus began taking pictures.

I was not amused.


I tried the 'nonchalant, ignoring' her pose.

It didn't work.
She kept taking pictures declaring it looked like a mug shot.
As if my indiscretions could be discovered.
And yet she continued.



This is so annoying.
 Maybe if I look the other direction she'll put the camera away.
Apparently not.
I suppose the only thing left to do is grin and bear it, until later tonight when I leave her the gift of a hairball in her barefooted path.
Until next time,
Purrs and meows,





  1. I have been waiting for Kramer! If cats could talk, this is EXACTLY what he would be saying. So funny. You know cats very well. I always look forward to this.