Friday, December 16, 2016

Kramer Chronicles-Revisited

Kramer Chronicles-The Things I do for Attention

(originally posted April 7, 2014)

Hey, it's me Kramer.
I bet you're wondering if any of my attempts to get my mom's attention have been successful.
Ha! Don't think so. The first clue might have been that I am the one typing this post!
So let's look at some of the things that have been distracting her lately...
Presentations and book signings...
And then there's that bear blog!
She actually had the nerve to let the stupid dog do a cast interview!
Here's what I think of that!
Well it's time for my nap.
Purrs and meows,


  1. Always a treat to read your blog! Your fur and hairy babies are sweet. Including the teddy.

  2. Wanted to say, you two humans look awesome! Please forgive me for being forgetful. I tell ya...this getting older thing is challenging. You two look awesome in character. An inspiration.