Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogland-Take Me Away!

For those of you too young to remember the 'Calgon-take me away' commercial
let me enlighten you.
Years ago Calgon, a bubble bath, had a commercial where a woman was surrounded by a barking dog, screaming kid, and ringing doorbell all at the same time.
She yelled out 'Calgon, take me away!'
And just like magic all of a sudden she was soaking in a huge, luxurious bathtub with a mountain of bubbles in complete peaceful silence.
(for those of you who do remember the commerical, did you ever wonder why a woman who could afford such a luxurious bathroom couldn't afford a maid and a nanny for the chaos she was trying to escape?
I did:).
Today was my Calgon day. Craziness all around me and finally I just laughed and thought 'Blogland, take me away!'
So here I am, except my Calgon is not a long soak in a tub full of bubbles (for that story visit,
My Calgon is blogland and being able to share my love of  the Victorian era which I am blessed to be a part of even in the current time.
I don't know why but for some reason I feel more at ease when dressed in Victorian era gowns.
I enjoy antique jewelry and photos.
The intricate beauty of Victorian architecture makes my heart sing:).
Delicate antique lace,
formal parlors,
and colorful stained glass bring visions of a simpler more gracious time to mind.
Even calling cards depicted lovely themes with elaborate details.
(I suppose this was a Victorian version of what we call 'tweeting' today-lol).
When escaping to the Victorian era doesn't do the trick these amusing faces bring a smile to my heart:)!
Cone-head Kasey
(we were able to pick up the movie channels when she was in the room:).

Kitty yoga.

Floating feet napping
 (this could be a new sport in the next Olympic games:).

Crazy hair Calvin.

Sometimes when life gets hectic and crazy we need to take a 'Calgon, take me away' break.
For me it's escaping to blogland, losing myself in thoughts of a beautiful, more genteel time, or just playing with my furry babies.
What 'takes you away' when things get tough?


  1. I love it too. Victorian era...take me away. It was a day of graceful ways but other things to be avoided.
    Did you ever think of the constraints fo the underpinnings? Women actually fainted while we run to blogland or other favorite hobby. They did have their troubles. My most favorite period is 1870 - 1900. Those women knew how to dress. But the expense was rather high and not many could afford it. Not only that but the cages of the '70's -80's, which had the ost beautiful draping of laces, ribbons and fabric, could keep a woman from running.
    Sigh...I wish i had lived then and had the money to do so. The houses were beautifully trimmed as was the furniture ( the was when they knbew how to make both). And I love those bathtubs. You could relax every sore muscle in them....i could go on.

    many blessings and commiserations...

  2. Kim coming by here and seeing you my friend is my Calgon moment...Love the clothes and I woulds so love to live in that era...Maybe that's why I also bring it into my home...Hope all is well with you my dear friend...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. Dear Kim, I do remember this calgon commercial...grins. I use to make fun of it and repeat the statement. Over the years there have been some moments where I wish I could just soak in a big ole tub and go ahhhhhhh.

    Your dresses are so very pretty and you look lovely in them. The beauty of their design and fabrics are outstanding compared to all the t-shirts and shaggy jeans our culture displays.

    Enjoyed your post today! Your pets made me laugh out loud.

  4. Kim,

    I love your Calgon commercial analogy! Blogland is indeed a great way to escape the modern day and indulge in everyones' Victorian lives. I love your new photos in your Victorian garb... classic poses, and even one on your new porch!

    Poor Kasey is wearing The Cone of Shame! Hope whatever she had has been remedied.

    LOVE that large white house with the gorgeous spindle-work... breathtaking! Enjoy your Calgon Moment!


  5. Love this post! I feel the same way.
    I love the Victorian outfits, too!!!!!!

  6. Kim,
    I really understand where you are coming from in this post.

    I don't have a Victorian home but I do love the Victorian Era and I have tried to add Victorian touches to my decor. When I have had a bad night at work, once i step foot in my home, I feel relaxed and all of the stress has been lifted. I look around at everything I love and feel like i have been "taken Away".......to another place and time!!!
    I am so happy that you got to realize your dream of owning a Victorian home!!


  7. Hi Kim,

    Your post and photos today are lovely and you look so beautiful in your gorgeous dresses.
    I often think I would have loved to live in this era too, love the prim and proper look.
    Your family are all so sweet.

    Happy Thursday

  8. Fun post. So when you are dressed in your Victorian garb do you were the corset too? I can't imagine being comfortable in that.

    Your pets are so funny. They must add a lot of joy to your life.

    Lets see...what takes me away? My piano take me away. When I am feeling blue or stressed I sit down and play an original song or just play away at whatever comes out of my heart. It's the best Calgon treatment ever.

  9. Those costumes are breathtaking Kim.
    I have to agree we all need to escape now and then, hanging out with one's critters is just the solution.
    Susan x