Friday, October 8, 2010

Kramer Chronicles-Autumn Bliss and Laziness

Well it's autumn which means pumpkins, colorful leaves, and ghost tours.
My mom is so busy training ghost tour guides and giving tours at the plantation that she hardly has time to blog right now.
So I have taken over the computer to let everyone in blogland see what's really going on around here.
As you can see my mom was able to get a few decorations out for fall (of course, we are all still tripping over the unpacked boxes inside but at least we decorated the porch, right?)
 While mom is busy Kasey is at least guarding the front porch.
  Meanwhile, Calvin is sleeping like a goof on the chair in the media room!
Lizzy isn't much better.
Lazy dogs! 
 Now I am feeling pretty frisky with all this cool fall weather which just makes me want to
first to the right...
 then to the left...
 (I have to work hard to keep my kitty physique)
 This is my Thriller dance move!
 Oops...I think I'm stuck.
 But not for long!
This is my smiling whickers face.
 My opossum imitation
(kinda looks like the snoopy dance but I'm lying down)
 My scary wide-eyed kitty pose
(this one scares the dogs all the time).
 Hey look at me! I'm upside down!
 Zombie kitty pose.
 Just plain crazy cat pose.
 Well, I think I've had enough exercise for one day.
I think it's time I chase one of the dogs off the chair so I can nap:).
 Purrs and Meows,


  1. Hi Kramer, I just love all your poses! You are so photogenic, you need to have your own Kramer the Kitty calendar - I mean really!

    Shout out to Lizzie (hehe, funny pix), Calvin and Kasey!

    Love from, Bonnie, Sadie and Kitty

  2. Well Kramer is your Mum aware of all the silliness that goes on while she's busy giving tours at the Plantation.
    I bet everyone resumes a napping pose upon her return.
    Tell Mum to have a lovely holiday weekend and thanks Kramer for the entertainment...
    Susan x

  3. We will be in Myrtle Beach staying at the Long Bay Resort....We are at Princeston West Virginia right this evening... Fri....

  4. Could there be a more handsome cat?

  5. Dearest Kim! YOUR MENAGERIE OF WONDERFUL BEASTS IS FABULOUS! Kramer is a marvelous tour guideand that Casey is a crack-up with the tongue sticking out! How cozy your Victorian home looks with all these creatures laying about on your Victorian rugs. It sounds like you are busy, but enjoying every bit and thank you for visiting with me! Put on those boots, whether they are of Victorian style or not, dance on and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

    Fondly, Anita

  6. Good morning.. just getting up and around and shower to go to breakfast... we will be leaving here in a couple hours and should arrive in Myrtle beach about supper time... We plan on leaving next friday morning to head back to Ohio... Oh I so love Kramer

  7. Hi Kramer,
    I really love what you have done with the porch. It is a good thing that Casey is standing guard, 'cause I saw a few things I would like. If you get the chance I would love it if you tell your mom that I said hi, and that I imagine she is some great ghost guide instructor.
    hugs to you...and mom

  8. Luv it!!! Kramer is such a riot, so in control of the household:) Nice halloween decorations too.

  9. Kramer,

    You should be a professional model... you have all the right poses! Your dog siblings, however, have such silly poses that modeling is out of the question. I wish I could go to one of those ghost tours. Sounds like fun!


  10. Hi Kim,

    There must be never a dull moment around with all your adorable pets. they are all so much fun and made me smile.
    The ghost tours sound like fun.

    Hope all is well with you and you are enjoying your new home.

  11. Oh Kramer! Mew are so very handsome!!! My sisfur, Zoe, says that you look like her, except in black and white rather than grey and white. You've probably read about her before, "the large fluffy one"....anyway, I think she has a crush on mew! Run little buddy, run!!!! I hope you didn't wear yourself out with all that exercise you showed us, because if Zoe catches you....maybe we could ask Lizzy to stand guard for you?!? Of course in that position, she might be stuck.....think we should help get Lizzy unstuck so that she will be ready to protect you from Zoe???

    Thanks for stepping up to the computer for Kim. She does sound very busy and all. If she gets too busy, remember you can always come over for some fun. We could cruising around in "her" car and pick up some babes.....