Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Haunted Plantation Tour

This past weekend Millie and I shared ghost stories at Pick Pocket Plantation for the first annual Haunted Plantation Tour.
Mr. Keith, apple cider maker and owner of the plantation, arrived in his vintage Cadillac.

Even the chickens were excited about the arrival of tour guests:).

This chicken stood watch to alert us to arriving guests.

Being a haunted tour it seemed appropriate to wear my mourning gown (another Christine creation:).

Millie also wore black for the occasion.
After touring the house we all gathered around a campfire with homemade apple cider and cookies while Millie and I regaled guests with tales of a ghostly nature!

This Saturday we will escort visitors through the plantation house and grounds and then to the packing shed to watch Mr. Keith make homemade apple butter-yummm!!!


  1. Oh Kim, I love this!!!
    You girls look so beautiful in your period clothing. I would have loved to see you in person.

    The dresses add so much character. This is fantastic.

    Enjoyed your post today.
    God bless,

  2. Kim,

    You look great in your mourning dress! I hope the haunted plantation tours are a success. I love that Cadillac (not Victorian, but still cool!).


  3. Kim I wish I were there to hear the ghost stories. I love ghost stories! You look positively haunting in your beautiful mourning gown. Almost like you could be one of the ghosts haunting the old plantations halls yourself.
    I really enjoyed the cider making post and seeing the press and how the apples are prepared for it.
    hugs to you form here...

  4. Wow, wish I could hear your stories!

  5. Good evening Kim...now girl I love the "guard chicken" ha ha!! and look at you all prim and proper and that Cad is to die 4 girl...My Len would love to have that car...I pray all is well in your world today and each day my Dear friend...come by I'm having my second year of blogging party...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Kim - seeing you and Moolie both brightens my day and breaks my heart that I'm not there. How cool is that? I'll be thinking of you both this weekend, as I always do at Halloween. Saw your black mourning dress and thought it was perfect! Hope Ghost tours go well, if you're doing them.

    Love to you and Darryl. Looking for a weekend to visit - send me an email and let me know what works. janeenpr@gmail.com.