Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas in January!

Since I was away from blogland during Christmas I decided to post some Christmas pictures thus,
Christmas in January!
Outside the window the camillas were in full bloom...
so were the geraniums.
This Christmas rose bloomed for two weeks!

Meanwhile, the porch was decorated in lights.
Calvin kept watch for Santa Paws.

I think Kasey spotted him!
Or maybe it was just a squirrel.

Inside the candles were lit and the mantel was swagged in lace and velvet poinsettias.
This year I decorated with red and white china, crystal, and silver.
The fringe on the mantel was from my stash of trims for my dresses and I used green velvet placemats under the lace to add color.

The coffee table was bedecked with a nativity and angels.

The tea table sported glittered fruit and angels.

The kitchen table tureen got a few sprigs of greenery and poinsettias.

Lizzy was curled up dreaming of squeaky toys and chew bones.
Thanks for sharing my Christmas decor after Christmas!
Blessings to all!!!
For pictures from the Christmas parade visit


  1. Kim,
    Just beautiful!! Especially love the outside of your home and the mantle!!


  2. I would love to have camelias at Christmas. Everything looks so beautiful. Thanks for Christmas in January.Richard from My Old Historic House.

  3. Sweet! It's never too late to celebrate Christmas. SC

  4. A glimpse back at Christmas decor is always welcome! Lizzy is adorable.
    And Kramer's previous post - what a busy fella! Sounds like what's going on at our house!

  5. Hi Kim-

    Is this the first Christmas in your new home? It looks like you got a lot of Christmas decorating done, even though you must have been so busy! Love your front door. Beautiful!