Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Little Excitement!

Today I received a copy of my book as a proof! It is an amazing thing to hold your work in your hands for the first time in the form of a book. I am now in the proofing process which means a release date is getting closer!
Stay tuned for more updates:)!
Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance:).


  1. Wonderful!! Congratulations!♥♫

  2. Happy dancing right along with you!
    So exciting,

  3. I am so excited for you Kim. You must be over the moon!!!
    It must be a thrill to hold it.
    sending many hugs to you and Kramer...

  4. I could only dream of writing a book. I know you are thrilled. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! You must be so proud.


  6. I am so pleased for you.
    When it is ready you'll have to let us know where we can get a copy!
    Susan x

  7. How absolutely exciting!!!! Kramer - are you included??? Surely you must be right? I mean they did have cats way back then. Didn't they???? Well irregardless, hopefully your Mom will have more time for you again soon.

    Purrs and ConCATulations Kim!

    Romeo and "her"

  8. Hi Kim-

    I am so happy for you! How exciting! I can't wait to get a copy and read it. I love the cover, and the photo of you is beautiful. I'll blog about it too when it comes out! :-)


  9. So proud of you, my friend. Can't wait for a copy too!