Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kramer Chronicles-My Busy Mom!

Hi, it's me Kramer.
Hopefully you haven't forgotten me being that my mom has been so busy that she has neglected to post my latest adventures!
Her busyness has forced me to engage in desperate measures in an effort to gain her attention.

She has been sewing dresses for reenactments so I tried laying on the pattern.
That didn't work.

So I tried eating the pattern!
That didn't work either.
(I did get her attention once I hacked it up forcing her to stop long enough to clean it up but then she was back at the sewing machine).

Next I tried laying on the fabric.
That didn't work either.

If all of that sewing wasn't bad enough then she had to cook Thanksgiving dinner!
Still she ignored me, humph.
So I licked the bowl-then she noticed me!

Next was decorating for Christmas.
I tried acting like a decoration but she didn't notice.

I even tried wrapping my toy around her slipper.
But alas, she stayed busy.

If the sewing, cooking, and decorating wasn't bad enough, working on her book was the most time consuming!
Here is the cover of her soon to be released novel.
cover photo by Richard Darby
I give up!
I'll just lounge here until she notices me.
I know she has missed you all and she will visit as soon as she can.
In the meantime you can wait here with me until she has a little extra time to visit.
I know she loves you guys (and me too).
Purrs and meows,


  1. Oh Kramer... hang in there... Happy New Year...

  2. OH Yes ... I missed you .. and knew that you would get mommies attention sooner or later... ( ha Ha)... Hope you have a very Mousy New Year filled with lots of love and attention... SO glad you're back Kim...Hugs

  3. we've missed you both Kramer! Here, let me try to get here attention for you....yoo-hoo Kim!!!!!
    It was so good to read a post from you and hearing from you! Now that Kramer and I have your attention, I can wish you a wonderful 2012.
    sending hugs...

  4. Kramer, You are adorable.
    I'm sure you won't be ignored for long....you're way too purdy.
    How exciting that your mom will have a book out soooon.
    Hugs and purrrrrr,

  5. Don't you just love them? What would we do with out them. happy new Year, Richard from my Old Historic House.

  6. Kramer darling.........you have worked so hard to get your mum's attention. I give you full credit and you are, in my book, a fabulous feline! Don't give up on her. She will notice you once she gets HER BOOK IN ORDER and all her SEWING!


    AND...thank you SO much for coming to visit me during a moment of rest! Shhhhhhhh....don't let Kramer know that you spent your break coming to see me!!!

    SO GOOD TO SEE YOU and your successes dearest! BE WELL...CARRY ON! Anita

    1. Kramer, that is exactly what my kitties used to do, help me with my sewing, fabric and pattern pieces.
      Kim you must be thrilled with the novel coming out, Congratulations and wishing you well with this.

      Best wishes for a great year

  7. There you are, we missed you two.
    Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
    Take care and good luck with your novel.
    Susan x