Thursday, December 8, 2016

Past Thursday Post!

Kramer Chronicles-Christmas Decor Overload!
And my SAGA continues!
Mom and dad both spent days putting up Christmas decorations while the dogs and I looked on.

It all started with lots of junk, junk, junk!
I mean, come on, who keeps a giant egg?
Well before I knew it mom had the egg all decorated and sitting in an antique silver cup.
(she seemed really proud of herself so who was I to burst her bubble?)
I keep hearing her talk about being on a budget which I hope doesn't apply to my Christmas catnip!
She was very determined to use what she had around the house.
Then she took a little Christmas tree, hung antique keys and vintage crystals from it, and stuck it in a silver sugar bowl.
All of this she used to decorate the mantel that she just finished undecorating!
To be perfectly honest I was getting kind of bored (not to mention I was beginning to wonder about my mom's sanity with all this undecorating and redecorating).

So I went to my window seat and did a little bird-watching...
some surfing...
and some napping.
And what to my wondering eyes did appear when I awoke a few hours later?
 Christmas decor galor!
I thought this vignette needed a little Kramer:).
Even the coasters were decorated!

Only my mom would buy a vintage red peacock at thrift store.
By nightfall everything looked pretty cozy.
Total cost for this room, $3.50.
So I sat back and enjoyed all the splendor.
All of this coziness is making me sleepy.
I think it's time for a nap!
Come back tomorrow to see the next room!
Blessings from The Parlor!


  1. So, so lovely! Thank you for sharing!!!


  2. I absolutely LOVE Kramer. I especially like the photo of him "surfing" - what a cat!! LOL : ) So very cute.

  3. So wonderful to get a peek inside your beautiful Victorian home. Everything looks filled with the Christmas Spirit.

  4. Oh that's adorable and your Christmas decorating is so beautiful and Victorian! Love it!