Friday, November 19, 2010

From Bodice to Bloomers

 Today was the premier performance of
From Bodice to Bloomers
at Pick Pocket Plantation.
Guests were introduced to a Victorian lady's wardrobe
from the inside out.

Displays of bonnets and hats...
as well as jewelry and parasols
added a little pizazz to the background.

So let's talk about the foundation of a Victorian lady's wardrobe,
you know,
the unmentionables like bloomers!

But before we talk about bloomers take a closer look at the amazing lace on this gown:).
(a good friend gave me this to repurpose-I'm so glad I didn't cut it up!)

The performance began with an introduction to the most basic Victorian under garments,
a chemise and bloomers.

Next is the corset...

then the chemsiette (corset cover) and hoops...

a petticoat..

add the bodice, the skirt along with mitts and a hat and 'ta-da' the outfit is complete!

Oops, I almost forgot the parasol:).

Here's the back.
(this is another one of the gorgeous gowns my dear friend Christine made:).

After all of that work getting dressed it was time to sit a spell before heading to the dining room for tea and orange-cranberry-vanilla scones.
Of course, I can't eat too much-the corset doesn't allow it!


  1. Oh... I would have to forget the corset...

  2. Oh Kim, You look stunning!
    Isn't this color charming? I think it is so beautiful.

    To think that this was the norm to look lovely and be proper. I would be in such trouble wiggling into all of this that I wouldn't be able to breathe.
    Perhaps if I had done all of this as a young woman my body would have molded to a smaller shape.

    Thank you for sharing this post. Enjoyed seeing all the items. Very interesting and informative.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and God bless,
    d from homehaven

  3. Gorgeous!!! I would so love to have a Victorian outfit; bloomers, corset and all!

  4. Hi Kim... You ask if that was snow through my window... No but it was a heavy frost the morning I took those pics... I am sure snow will arrive within a couple weeks however... I really don't mind it... I think it is beautiful and love the four seasons.... Course there are some days that get pretty rough but I have that in the summer struggling trough 90 degress also... For the most part I love it here in OHio.. It's my home and I appreciate it....

  5. Kim you are darling. What a great post. I always say I was born in the wrong era, but after to seeing this post, I'm not so sure I could have managed all that clutter on my body.hehe!
    That gown is an amazing creation by your friend!
    Thank you sweet, for your dear message.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. What a wonderful post! I doubt Victorians ever got cold with all those layers:) Beautiful gown too!

  7. Hi Kim,

    I loved seeing your post today ~ I often wonder how they actually ate anything being trussed up with a corset.
    You make such a wonderful Victorian Lady and enjoyed seeing your photos.

    Happy weekend

  8. Kim,
    What a great post!! Do you know my friend, Lisa Lewis, Victoriana Lady, does shows like this?? Her entire collection is authentic with no reproductions!

    You look lovely!!

    Debbie @ A Debbie_Dabble Christmas

  9. Pssst. Kramer. Over here buddy. Have they put away the corsets? "She" loves the whites of Victorian era undergarments. Matter of fact I think "she" was swooning. So I'm a bit concerned that "she" may get the idea to put the little boy undergarments on us. Have you seen any of those?! "She" has some but whenever they come out of storage I go IN to storage. So be afraid. VERY afraid. You Mom seems to really like this type of stuff. And although not as bad here, it's still VERY dangerous for those of us small of frame.



  10. Hello! I love the dress! No wonder people back then needed someone to help them put on their clothes, it looks so difficult to put on. But wouldn't it be too hot? Is that dress for winter or summer?

  11. Hi Kim-

    What a great idea for a demonstration! What the Victorian women needed to put on before they donned the outer bodice and skirt makes for a great history lesson. I bet everyone was tickled pink. And of course, you are perfect for the role, with your vast collection of proper period clothing!