Saturday, November 13, 2010

Reenactment at Boone Hall Plantation

The annual Battle of Secessionville Reenactment at Boone Hall is a favorite event.
This year we only went up for the day.
The ladies tea at the Cotton Dock was a treat.
The ladies donned their best dresses.
Delicious food awaited us all.
There was even a cannon ball:).

Sunrays streamed through the windows...
as some stitched...
and others played.
A wonderful presentation about wrappers was given.
One of her creations...
inspired by this mid 19th century wrapper.
After the tea hubby and I enjoyed a beautiful day on the dock.
Then it was time for lunch-homemade flat bread-yummm!
(and yes it's worth every bite even though my corset doesn't allow me to eat it all:).
Musical entertainment during lunch.

A little shopping...
and a little stopping to watch the troops march by.

After all of the excitement I decided to rest a bit in the shade of ancient oaks,
while hubby strolled through the gardens.
It was a bit bright so he borrowed my parasol:).
Then it was time to return home...
and think about having some supper.


  1. Oh how I enjoyed this post. Tis like looking back in time.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I have to admit Kramer looks like he enjoyed hiding in the hoops... he is such a comic.
    Susan x

  2. Kim-

    How wonderful it is for you and your husband to belong to such a great reenactment group of friends! These are wonderful photos. I always love seeing the gorgeous fashions, and the both of you always look so authentic! But I don't think cannon balls came to tea in those days! :-)