Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kramer Chronicles-Hoops There It Is

What looks like an innocent pile of hoops...

 upon closer inspection reveals...

a ferocious beast better known as...

Me! Kramer!

There's nothing better than hiding from my mom underneath her hoops:).


I get very annoyed when she zooms into my hoop cave with that blasted camera of hers.

So I come out and attack the camera in an effort to make it go away.'s still there.

Maybe if I stare it down.

Wait! What's that? Could it be...

the dreaded hoop monster?

I think it is!

I see it moving beneath the hoops!

There it is! I've got it now!

Wait a minute,
 it's not 'chase the hoop monster' time! 

 It's nap time!

Ahhh...all of this excitement wears a cat out!
Happy napping!


  1. OMG he is way cute....and your is just what I need on my break here as I get away from the harse realities of the physical world! What a sweet kitty, doing kitty are so kind to come and comment! HOW ARE YOU??? Oh, the celebrations are underway and all of blogland as well as our homes and work places will be buzzing with the air of celebration. Have a wonderful time with those you love dearest! Come back again soon! Anita

  2. Made my morning visiting with my favorite Kramer.. Hope all is well with you and family... We are just having some beautiful weather this week. Can't even imagine it is November and My decorations look rather out of place today but I know a rude awakening will soon be in store... Blessings...

  3. The Kramer Chronicles can lighten anyone's day! I guess he didn't ask what all the hoopla was about... :)

  4. Kramer is such a handsome fellow, I'm charmed by his bits of mischief.

  5. Hi Kim,

    I enjoyed seeing the sweet photos of Kramer at play!
    So lovely and thanks for showing us.

    Happy weekend

  6. Oh I needed to come over and see Kramer again Kim. He is such an entertaining guy. My kitty finds the most interesting places to sleep around the house too. I love finding his new hideouts everyday.
    hugs to you (and Kramer)if he will sit still long enough for a hug))

  7. Kim-

    These are great Kramer pics! We call these facial expressions "dickens faces" when our cats make them. They also love climbing inside and under things, and LOVE pouncing when something (usually a clothes hanger) is moving underneath. I love the intense look on his sweet face!