Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hair Work-Pallet Work Love Tokens

Today's post focuses on pallet work for love tokens.
Often these pieces are mistaken as mourning because of the hair work involved.
 Generally mourning pieces have a setting with some sort of black enamel or jet and/or date of death.
Other indications are the mourning scenes as shown in the previous post.
This piece is a love token with the hair work of two people, the darker woven for the background with a love knot in different hair on top.
The reverse side is a photo of a handsome gentleman most likely the provider of the darker hair.
This decorative piece has finely woven hair beneath the glass.
The hair design in this brooch is fairly popular and is known as the prince of Wales curls.
Gold thread and pearl beads embellish the design.
 Hair weaving can be intricately woven for rings as seen in the center of this piece.

This piece has an unusual pattern utilizing hair from two people and a pearl bead as an embellishment.
Variation of a prince of Wales curl design.
Tomorrow I will focus on table work for love tokens.


  1. I have always found hair art fascinating, if a bit macabre. One time while antiquing, Mister came across just a hank of human hair. He started handling it, til I asked what he was doing, and then he felt oddly disturbed by the notion. We still laugh about it!

  2. Hi Kim,
    OH I love all of those beauties! I am so glad you are showing all of those because I am getting ready to put together some kind of hair wreath looking piece for my dollhouse walls. Oh boy...
    So the size of the frame, which is actually a jewelry piece with a glass face on it), is probably about the size of the one's you showed.