Friday, August 9, 2013

Hair Work-Table Work

Today we will focus on table hair work.
Table work creates the three dimensional pieces often seen in jewelry.
All of the hair work featured in this post are love tokens.
The table below is a new weaving table made and used by a friend of ours, Thomas Tear. 
This collection of hair jewelry has examples that Thomas has created along with some antique pieces.
Can you tell which is old and which is new?
An antique weaving table is part of the Charleston Museum collection.
A watch fob made of hair with gold findings and locket.

Hair bracelet with gold findings and crystal center.
Cross with gold tips and seed pearl.
 Hair bracelets showing different weaving designs.
Hair brooches in a bow pattern.
The hair weaving patterns were found in books of the era while the gold findings could be purchased from catalogs.
I hope you have enjoyed this series about hair work from the Victorian era!
Happy collecting!


  1. When I see things like this..I have to catch my breath at the beauty and the dedication of folks that made these. To have such a keepsake made of my beloveds hair would be so wonderful.
    I wish I had kept a lock of his hair.

  2. Kim,
    Amazing!! So beautiful!!

    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving such sweet comments!!


  3. Thanks for sharing I have learned so much. It amazes me how creative and sentimental the Victorians were.


  4. so pretty and very interesting to see!