Monday, August 19, 2013

White Work

White work has been around for centuries.
"The most basic definition of Whitework embroidery is embroidery of a single
color, typically matching that of the base canvas, where design and skill is
defined, primarily, by texture. The effect is low-key, representing a purity and
demanding close scrutiny to experience
its beauty. It is this demand for detail that
requires the highest skills of the needle
Below are some vintage examples.

This past weekend I was blessed to learn this beautiful art form from Lynn Bristow at our annual PSRS workshop.
Below is the hankie I completed during the workshop.

 A pair of under sleeves that I am embellishing.
White work is rather simple yet creates a simplistic elegance that would add beauty to any home:).


  1. YES! KIM, would you believe that my mother used to do this, long ago....she had so many skills that she learned from her grandmother in Mexico! I have a few of the old linens with these hand-done stitches and they truly are a marvel, especially when considered from the modern perspective. How lovely and how kind of you to come to visit! OUI, votre fran├žais est correcte!!! BISOUS , Anita

  2. Wow! You are so talented! I love this white on white work. When I was married, my very best friend gifted to me a gorgeus white on white runner. I still adore it to this day. I just viewed your video below. LOVED IT!

    Have a lovely day,

  3. You created a beautiful item! Beautiful.
    I pat you on the back and wish you well,