Monday, August 5, 2013

Hair Work

Hair work was a popular pastime for ladies in the Victorian era.
Hair was collected from family and/or friends to be woven into wreaths, bouquets, and jewelry.
Contrary to popular belief not all hair work is for mourning, it was also used as love tokens.
 Most hair wreaths were placed in shadow box frames while other hair work was displayed beneath glass domes.

The hair work of American women slowed during the civil war being that creative time in the parlor was replaced by the work duties usually performed by men who were now off fighting in the war.

 Some women embellished hair work with beads.
For mourning pieces a photo of the deceased might be included.

This book is a reprint of the original which provided hair work patterns.

Hair work jewelry will be discussed in future posts!
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  1. Hi Kim,

    Interesting what they used to do back in the Victorian era - I knew that they placed lockets of hair when mourning but did not know that it was a token of love too.

    Enjoy the week

  2. YES! I remember seeing something like this in an antique store. Isn't it fun to see how our ancestors may have passed their time, being so resourceful? HI KIM! So nice to see you come by today! I hope you are enjoying a creative summer...any balls to attend, or lovely tea parties? How I would LOVE to participate in something like what you do.

    Enjoy a lovely evening my dear. Anita

  3. This is so interesting to me Kim. What a skill to have. I sometimes wish I could have lived in that era rather than the fast paced---so busy you can hardly breath one we live in now. I would have loved to have sat by an oil lamp and made pretty things with no television and just good conversation.
    sending many hugs...

  4. Love your pieces! Now do you know how to do this?

  5. I recall my grandmother telling me about the women do this and she saved her own hair..curling it around her finger and put it into a hair saver on her dresser. I do the same thing..or I used to. Times have changed so much..SO much!