Friday, October 28, 2016

Freaky Friday!

Being that Halloween is only a few days away, The Parlor decided to indulge in a bit of ghostly fun.
Beaufort is known for more than its small town charm, sparkling waters, and legendary tales. This is a place of eerie sights and sounds, especially when fall’s sinewy grasp cools the air with each setting sun. Every year spirits begin to traipse about the streets of downtown whether clad in antebellum hoop skirts, Elizabethan gowns, or shredded zombie attire.
Sightings of these mystical visions can mean only one thing-haunting time is upon us!
For decades ghost tours have taken the town by spirit as dedicated storytellers weave through the streets with unsuspecting guests sharing the spectral side of Beaufort’s past. In addition, many venues offer chilling ghost tales told by notable storytellers while old houses are infiltrated with ghoulish figures scaring all who dare enter the haunted abode.

For years many have speculated as to why Beaufort is so haunted. There are two notable theories. The first is that those who die a violent or untimely death are doomed to walk the earth for all eternity. The second, which I am more apt to believe, is that Beaufort is so lovely that those who have gone on before us cannot bear to leave and thus haunt the town. It’s up to you as to which reason you choose to accept but for me it will always be because Beaufort is the most beautiful place in the world, for the living or the dead.
Blessings from The Haunted Parlor:)!

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