Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Tea is for Tuesday!

Tea is a delightful respite allowing one to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures life has to offer. Whether reading a good book, watching a favorite film, or rocking away on a porch swing; tea is the perfect compliment.
However, there is more to tea than just the special brew. Tea items are lovely pieces of art lending beauty to the tradition of taking tea.
Tea accoutrements such as tea strainers, cups and saucers, teapots, and tea boxes make wonderful additions to a home's d├ęcor.
Display colorful cups with votive lights to lend a soft glow to evening tide (consider the battery operated votives as opposed to real candles as the heat can cause breakage to delicate porcelains).
Arrange various tea strainers on a tea tray to add dimension to a tea themed vignette (add a tea box for a bit of extra flair. The tea box is also the perfect place to store every day items such as coasters or TV remotes:).
Earl Gray steaming from the sloping spout of a teapot into delicately decorated vessels is a special occasion for any time of day.
Regardless of your decorating style, tea items are a beautiful and functional addition to any room which, of course, is made more special when you indulge in a cup of tea:).
Blessings from The Parlor:).


  1. I had tea today for a cozy, cloudy, day. The one thing you've reminded me to do, is make it more thoughtful in bringing out the pretty tea cups instead of just a plain mug. Thank you for your post! : )

  2. Hi Kim, I just realized that I had not been getting your posts, so I am now! Your tea items are wonderful, and so are the teacups and teapots! I'll be catching up on your past posts. :) Thanks so much for your recent visit and comment.
    Have a great rest of your day!