Monday, October 31, 2016

Monday Meanderings...

Sipping Cider

Much of my childhood days were spent traipsing about the barnyard in the crisp autumn air of Newark, Delaware.
Autumn was a favorite time for me as it brought cooler temperatures, the glowing fall sun, and a vibrant array of golds, reds, and coral colored foliage.
The splendor of fall also brought with it the opportunity to go pumpkin picking, nestle beneath blankets on hay rides, and of course, the entertainment of spine tingling tales.
But one of my most treasured diversions was hot apple cider.
As soon as fall makes its presence known I search out the jug of cider at the grocery store. In years past I have enjoyed the sweet apple elixir prepared by a local farmer in NC as well as the freshly pressed cider from Pick Pocket Plantation. Having indulged in such delicacies it is difficult to settle for the mass produced stuff in the produce aisle of the big box grocers; nonetheless, it is better than no cider at all. Each evening I curl up with a mug of the cinnamon laced drink, with a splash of caramel sauce for fun, and enjoy an old movie, a good book, or the glossy pages of a favored magazine. 
For me nothing welcomes fall like a good cup of cider.
What is your favorite autumn activity?
Blessings from The Parlor!