Monday, October 24, 2016

Monday Meanderings...

Indomitable Little Blue

The last standing cabin at Hunting Island, affectionately called Little Blue, has captured the hearts of Beaufort residents. For more than a century, Hunting Island has been a place of entertainment, respite, and at times, sport. During the twentieth century small beach cabins began to sprout up amongst the towering trees and spriggly palmettos of the island where families vacationed creating lasting memories and traditions. Like a fading sunset, the once sparkling sand dunes of Hunting Island began to melt into the ocean escorting each cabin to its final resting place until finally only one remained, Little Blue. Standing stalwart against the horizon, Little Blue led onlookers to speculate as to the length of her existence before the sea would escort her to its depths. Her walls were a scrapbook filled with memories of giggling girls, sleepovers, family meals, sand filled shoes after long beach strolls, and summer romances coming to their ultimate close. Towering precariously amidst foamy waves, she braced for her final stand as hurricane Matthew stealthily made its way along the southern coastline.

Days later, storm waters receded and clouds dissipated, revealing a most unexpected sight.

She was still there.

Despite years of fading beneath the beating rays of summer sun, enduring beach erosion, bidding farewell to fellow cabins, deflecting battering ocean waves, and surviving the force of hurricane winds and storm surge, she persisted. Little Blue is a testament to endurance and a reminder to always stand tall and never give way, even when the tides are against you.
Blessings from The Parlor:).

Photography by Delk Haigler of Beaufort, SC


  1. I've missed you Kim! I wish I didn't neglect all the lovely people I blog with. It just seems so hard right now to carve out the time to visit the people who mean so much. I just hope that you remember that someone in Idaho loves you and thinks of you so fondly!

  2. I've missed all my blogland friends too but with work, book signings, and performances I am slammed!!! Love ya right back!!!