Thursday, September 2, 2010

Before & After-Kitchen and Bathroom

Welcome back to Faith Cottage for the Before & After pictures of the kitchen and bathroom:).
Before (above): The kitchen was remodeled by the previous owner with white cabinets, blue countertops, Robin's egg blue walls, and blue and tan tiles.

Before: eat-in section of the kitchen.
Kitchen Details:

Before: bathroom off of the kitchen
Light fixture before...
Thanks again for visiting!
Stay tuned for more before & after pictures as we continue to unpack and paint!


  1. Looks so nice. I love the shade of blue in the kitchen and the faux diningroom. If it were mine I would have a french type table with a shelf below for pans and drawers for baking and candy making tools. And a marble top. Then invite everyone over to make a batch of candy. The diningroom would have to be an add-on or with french doors out to a patio.....

  2. You've added some lovely touches to your home, I especially like the stunning light fixtures.

  3. Oh Kim! You are such an inspiration. You have such a wonderful decorating touch that's inviting and so pretty.

    This is such a treat for me to see the before and afters.

    Faith Cottage is beautiful.
    d from homehaven

  4. Did you have the chandelier in the bathroom when we came and visited? Anyway, it's beautiful. I love the tureen that Lynn gave you; it looks great on the table. Can't wait to see pics of the media room and what you do with the back porch!

  5. Hi Kim,

    I really loved seeing your before and afters of Faith Cottage. It is looking beautiful and must be so lovely living there, the chandeliers and paintwork make is look wonderful.
    Thanks for showing us.

    Happy weekend

  6. How absolutely lovely, Kim! I especially love the last light fixture. It's beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us!


  7. Kim,
    Goodness you have been hard at work!! But WOW!! Faith Cottage is fantastic and you know I LOVE how you have it decorated!! Stunning and so Victorian which makes my heart leap!!


  8. Kim-

    I'm really impressed by how much you've transformed Faith Cottage in such a short period of time! I love all the before-and-after pictures. It really shows off the beauty of your design decisions and your Victorian treasures and touches. Does it feel like home yet? :-)


  9. ahem.
    Where's Kramer in this post?
    Seriously girl, you rock at decorating! I'm loving all these before and after photos!!!!
    I hope all is well with the VPII, it sure is beautiful.'t believe a word Kramer tells you. Somehow he got the idea that he should host ALL the posts. Silly cat.
    Love you both!!!!