Friday, September 24, 2010


This is the saddest post I have had to do but it appears I have no choice.
The new blogger program no longer allows pictures to be loaded from my computer.
For this reason I will have to bid farewell to blogland.
I love you all and will continue to follow your blogs-you are such wonderful friends!
I will miss visiting with everyone in the parlor.
Thanks for everything in the past 2 years.
I'm going to miss you guys.


  1. I shall miss all the lovely posts you have shared over the years.
    And I will find it hard not to seek Kramer's wisdom that he gives so freely.
    Thank you Kim for your visits, comments and beauty, you will be missed...
    Susan x

  2. Oh my gosh... I am so sad to see you go... Isn't there a update or something?

  3. Oh Kim, please say it isn't so! I love everything about your blog...your home, pets, your faith. Is there any other way to share with us? Have you considered starting a Yahoo group where we all could meet, chat and share photos? It's easy to start a group and I'd be happy to help you if you want to email me at

    Whatever you decide, please know that I've enjoyed my visits to the Parlor. Thanks for sharing such beautiful things with us.

  4. Oh! Kim,

    What about another blog host, like Typepad? Sorry to see you leave blogland. Wishing you all the best. I hope your new home is coming along well.


  5. I will miss the Sunday morning Bible verse the most! And Kramer! aaaggghhh! What am i going to do without Kramer! He's such a cheerer upper.

  6. I think this must have to do with your computer and not blogspot. Get a friend over who can look at it!

  7. Kim-

    I wish you didn't have to give up on blogging. I'm going to miss you terribly! There has got to be a way to get around it. Somebody out there must have figured out a solution to the photo uploading problem. If you're experiencing problems, others must be as well. If I can help you figure it out, send me an email and I'll try to find a way around it. I'm pretty tech-savvy. If not, please don't hesitate to comment or share things on my blog. I have another solution as a last resort... you can contact me about it if you feel you really want to continue posting pics!!

    -All my best,

    Pam of Eastlake Victorian

  8. Dear One,
    I have been gone this week-end and am playing catch up with blogland.
    Kim, Kim!!!
    I can't say good-bye to your beautiful blog.