Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Shhh...It's a Secret!

Christine does not like a lot of fuss to be made over her but today is her birthday so I thought I would wish her a very Happy Birthday-but don't tell everybody-she wouldn't want all the attention-heehee (I know-I'm really bad:)!
The reason you won't see any pictures of Christine in this post is because she hides everytime I try to take a picture!
For those of you who don't know Christine let me tell you about her.
She is the amazing artist responsible for all of my gorgeous gowns-that would be 14 of them!!!
And no she won't make one for you. As she always says when someone asks,
"I only sew for Kim:)."
Yup, she made this one too.
Needless to say, I'm the best dressed storyteller around:).
Oh, did I mention that she always comes with me, endures seeing my performances again and again, just to help me get dressed?
Did I mention that she is always there to encourage my creativity and lift me up when I'm down?
Oh yeah, she's responsible for this too.
She helped me paint the rooms in the house, helped me pack boxes, and moved us (with her dear husband Fred) in the heat of July!
So have a seat and let me tell you more about this most amazing friend:).
I can only think of a few more words to describe her;  loving, supportive, gracious, kind, faithful, Christian, reliable, talented, funny...well you get the picture.
Christine is the one that is there when you call (and I mean that literally), hugs you when you cry, laughs with you when life gets crazy, listens when you're having a bad day, prays with you when you need a lift, helps you with EVERYTHING, and goes shopping with you (and is honest when the dress makes you look frumpy:).
Let's have a cup of tea in honor of her birthday...
but keep it quiet-she wouldn't want me to make a fuss over her:).
Happy Birthday Christine!
Love ya!


  1. Tell Christine Happy Birthday and thank her for me for being such a good friend to you. Ooh and ask her if she wouldn't make a dress for the Victorian Parlor's mum? I need something if we should go to the Victorain conference in Canada next year:) I'm thinking 1890s, emerald green (to go with the necklace you had remade for me)...

  2. Hi Kim, the costumes Christine creates for you are just gorgeous. In fact, they don't seem like costumes at all because you look totally at home in them.

    What a wonderful and talented friend to have. Happy Birthday, Christine!

  3. Happy Birthday Christine - what a special purrson you are!!! Wishing you a day as wonderful as you are to Kim!

    Romeo and "her"

  4. You certainly have a treasure in your friendship. Happy Birthday Christine! Those gowns are absolutely stunning.

  5. Happy Birthday to Christine! Her dresses are gorgeous!!


  6. Happy Birthday Christine!

    It's so nice to have friends like Christine. What an amazingly talented woman. Those dresses are gorgeous.