Friday, September 10, 2010


I love everything Victorian!
(I know-big surprise:)!
From the delicate porcelain...
to the amazing literature...
the fashions...
 the jewelry...
the architecture...
and of course, the women for which the era is named.
As I was perusing my favorite magazine this evening (brace yourself as this may come as a shock but my favorite magazine is Victorian Homes:) I stumbed across an add for the ultimate Victorian dream trip.
Visit this website to see more:
Oh how I want to go!!!
Maybe next year.
Until then I will be content enjoying all of the Victorian splendor mentioned above:).


  1. Hi Kim,

    I love all thing from the Victorian era too, was a splendid time and I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things you shared.
    I look forward to going to check out that link, thanks.

    Happy weekend

  2. I meant to say that it must have been a splendid time. { Made is sound like I was around then }


  3. Beautiful post! It's interesting to see all the areas that Queen Victoria's influence affected. Can't wait to check out the website. Have a good weekend.

  4. Your passion is equally shared... mine is for the beautiful needlework they left behind.
    Hope you are enjoying your new home and that Kramer has given his final approval.
    Susan x

  5. I like Victorian things also. My favorites...books, architecture and jewelry.

    Oh I am sure that Tour of Victoria would be a real treat!

  6. Wow! Such beautiful things came from this era, yes?! I wonder if they had any cats? You know how we love to explore and go on adventures....and well all that beautiful finery....what do you think?

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    Romeo and "her"

  7. Kim I love this style too. I could have lived in this era very easily. As long as I was not the one doing everyone's laundry and helping them dress that! You look so grand in that gown!

  8. Dear One,
    Great fun this would be!!!!

  9. Hi Kim, I am entranced by the Victorian period as well. I would surely love to attend this show with you! Did you see Young Victoria when it came out in December I think. I just never found the time to go but I will look for it on DVD.

    Have a lovely day, Bonnie

  10. Kim-

    I agree, that would be an amazing show to see! I hope you do make it next year. I love all your photos. And I do love the latest issue of Victorian Homes! I can stare at the pictures for hours. :-)