Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tea is for Teddy Bear!

Nothing is more memorable than having a tea party with teddy and his friends. Little girls of varying ages often engage in this time honored tradition.
Many are unaware of the history of the teddy bear and so today I invite you to fix a cup of tea, sit down with teddy, and learn a bit about his beginnings.
President Theodore Roosevelt, affectionately called Teddy, was an avid hunter. During a hunting excursion all in his party had killed a bear, save Teddy. One of the stewards captured a small bear, tied it to a tree, and informed the president that he could kill the bear. Being an honorable man, he stoutly refused saying it was unsportsmanlike to do such a thing.
Word spread to the media about his actions and a few days later a political cartoon appeared in the paper depicting his honorable act.
Meantime in NYC, a small toy company came up with an idea to create a jointed stuffed bear. Wanting to honor the president for his noble behavior they wrote to him asking if they might call the bear 'Teddy.' The president responded with a resounding 'yes' (can you imagine writing a letter to the president and getting a response-life was so simple in those days).
And thus the 'Teddy Bear' made its first appearance in this country in a small NYC toy store window. The company would later become the Ideal Toy Company.
But that's not the end of the story. On the other side of the pond...

Tune in next Tuesday to learn the rest of the story.
Blessings form The Parlor:).


  1. Such sweet teddy bears. The one with eyeglasses reminds me so much of one my little sister had and cherished as a child. Very sweet post!

  2. I love that story, and had heard it before but forgot it. Are your bears antique mohair?

    1. Many of them are but some are more recent:).