Wednesday, November 16, 2016


to a comfortable place.
It should come as no surprise that my existence in the current era is a struggle. Fortunately, I am able to escape to my preferred time period on a regular basis. Over the years I have been blessed with being ‘lady of the manor’ at many notable homes such as Hay House in Macon, Ga, Old Governor’s Mansion in Milledgeville, Ga, Pick Pocket Plantation and Verdier House in Beaufort, SC, and Heyward House and Rose Hill Mansion in Bluffton, SC. I realize the 19th century was not without difficult times and horrific practices. However, for my sanity, I traverse to a fictional realm where all people were respected and loved amidst grace, beauty, and dignity, and where the fashions and architecture of the day were spectacular. Nonetheless, the Victorian era is my place of solace where I can be as eccentric as I wish and feel like a princess. This is probably why I adore being at Rose Hill Mansion each week. It is the epitome of a fairy tale. Even its history showed signs of kindness and respect amidst the degradation found during the era. 

 After a week of watching turmoil and violence erupt across this great country, my desire to flee to my fairy tale home grew. My sorrow is two-fold. On one hand, I have friends and family who are greatly distressed over their prospects in this country as minorities, women, or those with disabilities  On the other hand, the great divide that has been festering in this country for decades has now been brought to light in the form of anger, hatred, and violence; i.e. racism. Racism is one aspect of humanity I have never been able to wrap my mind around. It is nothing less than sheer stupidity. To dislike a person based upon a physical characteristic or belief system is illogical and unfounded (especially to those of us following Christ who loved ALL people regardless of their circumstances). Racism is rampant and it applies to anyone who judges an individual unfairly and without merit. After a week of fearing for friends and our country the prospect of spending time in a place of beauty and grace was a welcome respite indeed. 

As soon as the corset was laced, the dress straightened, and the lace cap affixed upon my head, my heart sang and my mind was at ease. As I traipsed across the room, the lace hems of my Gettysburg gown gracefully trailed over the heart pine floors like breezes billowing over marsh grasses. All seemed right with the world again, at least for a couple of hours.

What brings you peace and joy? A bookstore? A coffee house? A movie? A walk on the beach or a hike up a mountain? Perhaps if we all took a hiatus from the insanity online and on TV, reconnected with our inner self, and rejuvenated, we could return to the real world refreshed and ready to change the distorted perceptions infiltrating our society. Let’s come together to make our country a better place for ALL of God’s children, not just the chosen few as dictated by social media or politicians. We have to start somewhere, why not with ourselves?

Blessings from the Victorian Parlor!

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