Saturday, November 5, 2016

"Caturday in the Parlor"-Revisiting the Kramer Chronicles

"Caturday in the parlor!" (Get it? Instead of Saturday, in the park...)

Kramer Chronicles-Hoops There It Is

What looks like an innocent pile of hoops...

 upon closer inspection reveals...

a ferocious beast better known as...

Me! Kramer!

There's nothing better than hiding from my mom underneath her hoops:).


I get very annoyed when she zooms into my hoop cave with that blasted camera of hers.

So I come out and attack the camera in an effort to make it go away.'s still there.

Maybe if I stare it down.

Wait! What's that? Could it be...

the dreaded hoop monster?

I think it is!

I see it moving beneath the hoops!

There it is! I've got it now!

Wait a minute,
 it's not 'chase the hoop monster' time! 

 It's nap time!

Ahhh...all of this excitement wears a cat out!
Happy napping!

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