Saturday, November 19, 2016

More Hairwork

Yesterday I posted some basic guidelines about determining whether a piece of 19th century hair work was sentimental or mourning. In this post I am sharing some photos from ebay to clarify further.
Mourning brooch with black stones in bezel and woven hair under glass.

Fashionable brooch with woven hair insert on charm.

Sepia work with mourning scene.

Fashionable bracelet.

Fashionable hair chain worn on the bodice with hair brooches affixed at the end loops. See photo below-right shoulder. (photo private collection) 

Mourning brooch with hair insert.

Mourning brooch with 'Prince of Wales curls' design under glass.

Blessings from The Parlor!


  1. Such beautiful pieces. Wish I had one as nice as one of those!

    1. Many of these are on ebay at affordable prices:).